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Top 10 Places Around Syracuse For Late Night Food

Top 10 Places Around Syracuse For Late Night Food

On those nights were you are up with your friends, chatting about life, or just up because you are studying, there is a high chance that you are going to get hungry. Many of the places at Marshall Street will close after midnight, so here are some places I recommend that opens until late at night!! PS, I highly recommend downloading the app called Grubhub, but I am warning you!- It might be the best thing and the worst thing. Keep reading for the top 10 places to get food late at night around Syracuse!

1. Insomnia Cookies

A perfect place to indulge in some sweetness while studying! They are open until 3 AM!!! Also, the best part is they deliver so you won’t have to get up and walk all the way to Marshall Street to buy cookies. Can I say!



2. Modern Malt

Modern Malt is located in Downtown Syracuse, and fun fact, they are open until 3 AM! They have great American diner food and their tater tots are super yummy! I think they deliver, but the food will taste so much better at the actually restaurant, rather than in your room. Trust me.



3. Unique Tea House

That one boba place in Marshall Street. They are open pretty late, not until after 2, but there is time for you to study there until midnight, if you don’t mind the noise of the blender. I am so thankful that we have this place because I really love boba. However, other schools have like 4 different boba places by their school but better to have one than none at all!


4. Franco’s Pizzeria & Deli

A delivery straight to your house! This place delivers pizza and it’s so good! Of course there’s the regular Domino’s and Papa Johns, but you can also buy yourself some of the best chicken fingers with your pizza if you buy from here. They are open until 3 AM so go ahead and enjoy some pizza past midnight!



5. Pita Pit

My personal favorite to order from at Marshall Street when I am out studying late. The food is pretty healthy and not too heavy for a midnight snack. The pitas are stuffed with all different sorts of stuff and it is tasty as heck! I don’t think it’s too expensive so I definitely recommend this place!



6. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches

If you are not a pita fan, Jimmy John’s is right next door and has many different sandwiches, more specifically subs, you can order! It is pretty cheap and not too busy at night so go for your regular sandwich at a decent price!


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7. Calio’s

The place to be after a night out partying. This place can get pretty crowded on those nights but I heard they have great pizza! I haven’t been because it is so crowded all the time but everyone is there, so go check it out and see if you find someone you know!


8. Oishi Sushi

My friends and I stumbled upon Oishi Sushi after Block Party last semester, and it was really busy so we didn’t get the best customer service. However, the sushi there is pretty decent and will wash away that sushi craving of yours. They are not open after 2 AM but they are open pretty late.



9. Stronghearts Café

This place is another favorite of mine near Syracuse. All of their food is vegan food but it is so tasty. I recommend Sweet ‘N Saucy sandwich which contains tofu, avocado, and other yummy ingredients. Many people hesitate before trying, but they always end up liking it so make my advice and go get something from Stronghearts!



10. China Café

Lastly, I am going to cheat again because this place is only open until 12 AM. However, my friend and I order from here whenever we want some decent Chinese food. We order from here pretty often and we really enjoy the food. The portion is a lot so it’s perfect to share, just don’t forget to have water next to you because you will need it!

Where do you like to eat around Syracuse? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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