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Top 10 Daily Writing Habits That Will Improve Your Life

Top 10 Daily Writing Habits That Will Improve Your Life

Are you sick and constantly feeling tired over your inability to write well? Well, now you are in luck, because there are other alternative daily writing habits that will improve your life. Today, we are going to be learning about the Top 10 Daily Writing Habits That Will Improve Your Life. 

A Few Ways To Get Started On The Top 10 Daily Writing Habits That Will Improve Your Life

1.) Make Sure That You Have A Pencil And Some Paper To Help Get You Started 

2.) Make Sure That You Have a Journal With Enough Paper In it To Write things down


3.) Make Sure That You Also Write Down Important Tips To Help You Succeed

The Top 10 Daily Writing Habits That Will Improve Your Life

1.) Create A Morning Ritual

What creating a morning ritual has to do with the Top 10 Daily Writing Habits That Will Improve Your Life is that creating a morning ritual can help give you time to do research to find out new and improved ways to help improve your writing abilities. When you are about to practice, come up with a schedule and decide and plan ahead on what you would want to do. When you got that completed and out of the way, actually put the plan for your schedule into action to help you achieve success. Once you have done that, good luck on your essay assignments!


2.) Follow The 80/20 Rule 

What the 80/20 Rule is is that the 80/20 Rule is defined as something that states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% or consequences come from the other 20% of causes. What this has to do with improving your daily writing is that the reason why a lot of college students often fail or do poorly on their essays is because the failure often stems from a cause such as stress, anxiety, and the feeling of being overwhelmed. In this case, this is like the 20% of causes according to the 80/20 Rule. As a result of those 20% of causes, this often leads to failure 80% of the time. By following the 80/20 Rule, you are helping yourself switch the causes of failures into causes of success so that you will succeed 80% of the time instead of failing 80% of the time. 

3.) Educate Yourself On How To Single Task


If you are not sure as to how to do a single task, what I suggest you should do is that you try to stop overthinking how to do a single task. The reason why you should do that is because sometimes doing a simple task is not always is as hard as what some people might want to think or believe. For instance, if you are still struggling to come up with the schedule, ask someone for help, like a positive person who also wants to be successful like you. With that help, you will be successful certainly in no time. 

4.) Read Lots Of Books

In order to improve your daily writing habits, you have to read a lot of books. The reason why you should be doing this is because reading a lot of books might help you understand and get an idea of how you should be doing your work. By constantly getting an idea of how the authors of these books write their works, whether they be fiction or nonfiction, you will also use that to apply to your own writing abilities. Although I would suggest that you probably read about ten to twenty books, I would also suggest reading more, because the more you read books, the better your writing will turn out to be. 


5.) Surround Yourself With Positive People

You might be asking yourself: What does surrounding  myself with positive people have to do with the Top 10 Daily Writing Habits That Will Improve My Life? Well, dear reader, it is always important to surround yourself with positive people who will help you succeed at your goal of learning of how to improve your writing skills. By surrounding yourself with positive people who want to do well in school, as well as in life, you will feel much more comfortable with yourself. Not only that, but you will also have more time on your hands to get things done on time. 

6.) Make Time For Exercise


If you are sick and tired of constantly trying to accomplish working on mastering your writing abilities take a break. Go outside and make time for some exercise outside. If you cannot spend some time without feeling stressed out or feeling anxious about a paper that is due, do not worry, as you have to know that despite the time seeming short, there will always be enough time for you to succeed and do well in your classes. Instead of worrying, just know that just because your classmates are worried does not mean you should be either. Instead, just relax and enjoy your workout before going back inside your house or wherever you are at and get back to the work you were doing. 

7.) Master The Art Of Listening To People And Hearing People Out

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Sometimes listening is key to hearing what other people have to say in order for you to improve your daily writing habits, especially when it comes to appointments with your tutors. When your tutor is telling you to do something, just do it. Once you have found the right tutor to help you with an assignment, you will not regret it. Instead, once you get that good grade on that assignment, you will not be feeling bad about a thing. 

8.) Spend Some Time Meditating And Clearing Your Mind

By spending some time meditating and clearing your mind, your are relieving yourself of all of your negativity. When your are clearing your mind of all of the negativity, you will start to feel content with yourself. Not only that, but you will also start to feel as. if though you are at peace with yourself. In addition to that, your body will start to relax and you will start to feel more calm. When you take.a break to meditate every now and then, you start to feel all of the negative energy and thoughts that were clouding your mind dissipate and be replaced with new ones instead. Whenever a negative thought pops into your head, just ignore it and go back to being in peace with yourself. 


9.) Appreciate What You Have More

Instead of worrying so much, show gratitude. Perhaps during your morning ritual or routine, what I would suggest you should do is be grateful. For example, let us say that you have done well on a test, an essay, or an exam and you have another essay or test or an exam coming up sometime. Instead of worrying, at least give yourself some praise so that you will do an even much better an even greater job the next time. 

10.) Go For A Social Media “Detox”


The thing is, Social Media, will good in some parts and not so good in others, can be a little distracting. Not only that, but social media can also be a very toxic place filled with negativity. By accepting that there are some things you cannot control and “detoxing” from social media, you are taking a break and feeling much more comfortable with yourself. This  can  make you feel as if though you are focused and can do your work and do well by doing so. In response to this, your mind and your mental health will gradually improve and start to get better. 


Now that you have mastered the ability to overcome your problems with your writing abilities, you will start to feel less stressed out and anxious over your supposed inability to write. Not only that, but you will also be feeling much more self-confident and this increase in your self confidence can help you achieve anything. In addition to this, you will also start to slowly develop and grow yourself as a person. Not only will you develop and grow and expand as a person, but you will also grow and expand as a writer as well.