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Top 10 Bathing Suit Trends For Summer 2020

Bathing suit trends come and go, and with styles frequently changing it can be hard to pinpoint what is in style. One thing is for sure, this summer 2020, we will keep you in style for all of your beach, pool, and outdoor activities! We know everyone has a different style, which is why we have collected 10 different bathing suit trends! Something is guaranteed to inspire you!

1. Coral

Whether your style is two-piece, one-piece, or something in between, the color coral is a perfect summer statement. Be bold and beautiful this summer in this gorgeous pop of color! Coral looks good on all skin tones and is a great color for warm summer vibes!

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2. Yellow

Similar to coral, a yellow bikini is classic. You can rock this in either a 2 piece or a 1 piece, either is fine! If you shop stores online or in-person, PacSun has some great bathing suits in this color, and always offer a discount of some sort. Yellow is super pretty and humble for bathing suit trends this year! This color will also make your skin tone look sun-kissed, even if you aren’t!

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3. Mix And Match

When it comes to bathing suit trends, mixing and matching is a perfect way to make a statement. You could wear a light pink top and a leopard print bottom. Or a classic leaf print bottom, with a nude or solid colored top. Whatever you choose, have fun with it! Online boutiques and websites offer a wide selection or check out your local mall, too. Mixing and matching is fun and a lot of stores will offer a buy one, get one 50% off!

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4. Top With Ties

One bathing suit trend I think will be huge this summer is a bathing suit top that ties down your stomach. Sexy, enticing, and totally cute for the beach! Some people might be scared away by the intricacy of this look, but with a friend’s help, you’ll be ready in no time!

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5. Checkered

This may seem so ’90s, but the checkered pattern is in for bathing suits. It doesn’t have to be black and white checkered, it can be pink and white, or red and white. Seeing as the fourth of July may require you to wear a bathing suit, you may be able to double-dip and use this for that too!

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6. Neon

One of the best summer bathing suit trends is neon. Choose between lime green, turquoise blue, or bright neon pink. It is such a cool trend because nothing screams summer like a bright bathing suit color. You can shop for this trend at almost any retail store or website. Any neon bathing suit will flatter your skin tone, and neon is an essential summer color, not just for bathing suits!

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7. Top With Bow

When I think of summer bathing suit trends, I always think of bright, cute, preppy styles. One of the best trends for this year is a two-piece bathing suit with a tied top. This small embellishment gives a classic and cute twist to a traditional bathing suit. You can usually have some luck with Pacsun or Brandy Melville on this trend.

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8. One-Piece With Cut-Outs

You’ve probably seen this bathing suit trending all over Instagram! You can find this pretty much anywhere, and this style is super sleek and sexy! There are so many different variations and colors to this trend, you really can’t go wrong and there is a style for everyone! Shop all of these various styles at either or Lulus.

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9. High Waisted

This bathing suit trend has been huge in the last few years. Something about it radiates ’90s, hipster, retro vibe, and nearly every store will have this in stock. Check out your local mall for styles and pick your favorite one! You cannot go wrong with this, and plus, it’ll make for some model photography while you are kickin’ it on the beach! Shop high waisted bathing suit styles at your local mall or various online boutiques. You will get a lot of use out of this product! Choose between a variety of different colors, too!

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10. Red

Last but not least, I am in love with this red bathing suit trend for the summer of 2020. Something about a red bathing suit is so classic, and 90’s. The good news is that you can find this style almost anywhere, and it will make you look super tan and sexy. Something about this is so irresistible, and it’s guaranteed to make your pictures pop!

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Which one of these bathing suit trends will you be sporting this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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