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10 Tools That Every College Student Should Have

When going off to college, we hardly think about what can go wrong. Whether it be a rickety dorm room or an old house, college living isn’t easy. And the worst part, things break! But with some good tools and a little elbow grease, anything can be fixed. Society19 is here to help you prepare for the next breakdown. Here are 10 tools that every college student should have.

Duct Tape is great for any quick fix!

1. Duct Tape

When it comes to fixing anything in a tight pinch, duct tape is the holy grail of fixer uppers. Whether it be a broken light fixture or a stripped hinge, duct tape is a great temporary fix. I personally use duct tape for electrical wires that begin to split, giving them life for years on end that they wouldn’t have without that sticky strong support. This tool is a must have for any college student. 

Zip Ties are great for any quick tightening.

2. Zip Ties

This unlikely plastic friend is great for using on cars. Yes, cars. If you have pulled out your fender even the slightest, zip ties can seal it in place and make it look brand new! Zip ties help seal any size of a gaping hole. They are easy to use and require little to no extra work. The only extra step is cutting the extra plastic off. For this, I personally like to use a sturdy set of plies. Scissors don’t really cut it, which brings me to my next tool. 

This tool is great when you’re stuck in a pinch.

3. Fishing Pliers

While these tools are not pretty to look at, they will last you a lifetime.  I have used my pliers for many odd jobs, including pulling out rusty screws, taking out nails and cutting tough hard surfaces. They are great for cutting wire and shaping things that would be too difficult or too painful for just your hands alone. This tool is a life saver for any college student when you need a quick cut or a pinch. 

Screwdrivers are a must have in any tool box.

4. Screwdriver

A screwdriver is a must have in any breakdown situation. I prefer ones that have changeable heads so you have one screwdriver to fit any shape and size that you need. Screwdrivers are great for fixing rickety old cabinets, kitchen appliances or setting up that new furniture. A screwdriver will be your lifesaver for any quick fixing situation. 

A flashlight is a great tool to have for any breakdown and emergency.

5. Flashlight

A flashlight is good for any emergency situation. I personally have a flashlight that serves as a magnet as well. You never know when the next power outage might be and it’s important that you have an easily accessible and fast light source. Flashlights are rather inexpensive but are a lifesaver in any situation. I even use mine when I’m fixing the sink or checking on a water heater. A flashlight is any college student’s best friend in a tight situation.

Wrenches help keep you safe when tightening in any tough spot.

6. Wrench

Having a few wrenches of various sizes will ensure nothing will stay broken in your home for long. Wrenches are great for loosening tight washers that you’ll find around your house, including under the sink. If your garbage disposal breaks down, you’ll need a wrench for that easy access. In addition, if your car battery dies or needs a quick fix, a wrench will be your best friend in making sure those bolts on your battery are nice and tight. And best of all, safe for you. 

A hammer is a great tool to have for any tough job and emergency.

7. Hammer

Speaking of another college student tool legend, the hammer is used almost on a daily basis when moving both in and out of a college dorm or apartment. Hammers are used for hanging up pictures, loosening tough nails and other wide arrays of jobs. In addition, hammers are a great tool to grab for a little extra protection. I personally keep my hammer in my car, so when my tire goes flat I can hit the car jack and loosen the bolts easier. Hammers are great for any tough spot and are a must have for any college student. 

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This tool is a must have for any road trip.

8. Jumping Battery

Speaking of cars, this tool is great any time your car breaks down and you’re stranded. And while this tool can be expensive, ranging upwards of $60, it will last you a lifetime. And I guarantee you, you will have to use it at least once. Everyone’s car breaks down, and more often than not, no one is around to help you jump it to life. With this tool you don’t need a jump from another car. All you need to do is connect the cables and turn on the battery. Start your car and watch as it roars to life. And the best part, this car jumping battery charges by being plugged into your wall. For any tight spot or college road trip this tool is a must have. 

Screws are great for any quick fix on your fixtures.

9. Screws

Screws are a great way to repair any kitchen or living room fixture fast and easy. Old screws can break down and become stripped in the wood. And can leave your cabinets hanging by a thread. If you carry screws handy, you can fix those rusty hinges in minutes. All you need is your screwdriver and a few screws and your fixtures will look good as new. 

While this tool is the most expensive, it is well worth it.

10. Power Drill

This is probably one of the more expensive items on this tool list, but the price is well worth it. Power drills can range upwards of $50 to $100. I do not recommend getting the cheapest power drills out there. If you get a good power drill, it will last you forever and most importantly, it will be safe for you. Power drills are by far one of the most helpful tools for quick fixes and tough jobs. When you need something to desperately stay in place, but a screwdriver jostles around too much or your arm gets tired, power drills will do the job in seconds. Note, you have to always keep an eye on what you’re doing and use these safely. Power drills are no joke and should be used with caution. But if used correctly, they are one of the most helpful tools you will ever own. 

We never want to plan for when things go wrong, but when they do, we need to be ready. These tools will help you get anything fixed in no time and prevent you from being left in a tight spot. These tools are not just great for a college student, but for everyone. With these helpful tools, and some hard work, you’ll be ready for anything.

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