TOMS Meets Shabby Chic

Check out the new TOMS exclusive footwear where the classic TOMS combine with the glamorous Shabby Chic.



Comfortable wedges that just exceed femininity with its beautiful vintage floral design, given it that spring time air feel to it.

Wear them to class, a lunch with the girls, shopping, or even to work. These are the perfect shoes to wear for every sort of occasion.


Did you know that for every shoes purchase that you make on the TOMS site, TOMS Shoes will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.

This is their One for One program. With the Shabby Chic collaboration in specific, with each sale made, those proceeds will go towards the Upward Bound House.

(The Upward Bound House is in support to homeless families in need).

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Did you also know that if you purchase TOMS through the Studentrate site, you receive 7% cash back on your purchase? Not only do you get a great pair of shoes,

you help those in need, and get money back. I would say that is a pretty good deal.


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Julie Houta

Julie is a Parisian living in Boston. Graduated from Bentley University with a Masters in Marketing.

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