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Tomorrowland 2013: Rave & Save Money

Tomorrowland 2013: Rave & Save Money

Tomorrowland is the world’s biggest and baddest electronic music festival in the world, and ravers hail from around the world to attend this 3 day unforgettable experience. Tomorrowland has been taking place in Belgium since 2005 and has been growing ever since the first event which featured internationally known DJs Armin van Buuren, Yves Deruyter, and Coone. In the second year David Guetta and Fred Baker joined, and the rest is history as the festival turned into an epic multiple day event with over 100,000 attendees that sells out within hours. This September, Tomorrowland will be crossing over and debuting in America, in Chattahoochee Hills which is near Atlanta. If you were lucky enough to snag tickets, you’re probably now thinking about the logistics and hoping to not have to shell out too much cash. Here are a few tips on saving money!

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1) Save money on flights. People will be flying in from all over the world, and unless you live in GA you’ll probably have to fly as well. Easily compare the cheapest flights at Booking Buddy. Flying during the week is typically cheaper than the weekends, especially Wednesday. If you want to be intense about saving money, red-eye options are the cheapest, with dinnertime departures a close second.

2) Save money on accomodations. Festivalgoers will have the opportunity to camp out in tents overnight in a placed called “Dreamville,” that is, if you were able to buy them before they sold out. You can also stay in and around the area and head back to the festival site each day. Check out where you can compare hotel deals and offers and also read unbiased reviews. You can get 4% cash back on top of your savings from StudentRate. You can also get a 22% discount on Intercontinental Hotel Group of Hotels (Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, InterContinental, Staybridge and Candlewood Hotels)!


3) Save money on renting a car. Save money by renting the standard model, and maybe they’ll upgrade you to a more comfortable SUV as car rentals will probably be crazy in demand. You can get a discount on Hertz, and you won’t be charged a young renter’s fee (they’ll let you rent if you’re at least 20!). You can also get 25% off Budget or Avis car rentals. If you need a shuttle from the airport you can get a discount on Super Shuttle.

4) Penny pinch when you can. The food and drinks will be overpriced, as per usual. You can’t get around that. But, if you stay in a hotel you can head to the local grocery store and get some cheap but energy-sustaining foods (like bagels and peanut butter, trail mix, anything with protein) and eat a solid meal before you head to the venue. This will also save you some time in the lines, although you’re bound to get hungry at some point from all the dancing and pay like $10+ for a hot dog. Oh well, at least you can save money on all of the categories stated above.

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5) General Tips: Drink a lot of water. You’ll be outside for an extended period of time and not even notice that you’re dehydrated, so be sure to drink periodically. Wear sunscreen! Stay with your friends-the crowds are insane. Have a set meeting spot in case someone in the group gets separated because you really can’t trust the service, also phones can die. Be safe, and notify someone in security if you see someone in need of help. Don’t carry a lot of cash. There will be a lot of ATMs, and keep your belongings close to you. Be safe and have fun!!

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