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7 Toasted Sandwich Recipes For Everyday Of The Week

It’s lunchtime, what are you going to eat? What do you feel like having? Sometimes it can be hard – you run out of ideas, can’t think of anything to eat or don’t know what you’re craving. Why not try toasted sandwiches? Toasted sandwiches are delicious. They are an elevation of the normal sandwich. They are warm, hot and gooey. With the addition of melted cheese to every sandwich, you are guaranteed to be satisfied after every meal.

If you need to decide on what to eat, give toasted sandwiches a go. Here are 7 toasted sandwich recipes for every day of the week. To make these sandwiches – you need to make sure you have good quality fillings, gourmet bread from a bakery and most importantly high-quality cheese. When you make these sandwiches, make sure you put some butter on the heat side of the slice of bread to make it nice and crispy!

MONDAY: a ham, cheese and tomato toasted sandwich.

Start the week off right with a classic ham, cheese and tomato sandwich. This toasted sandwich is perfect on any occasion but great to cure those Monday blues. The tomato gives you some freshness and the ham makes it fulfilling. This will warm you up. It is the perfect way to start the week.

TUESDAY: a chicken sandwich

A chicken toasted sandwich will fill you up. There are so many added options you can have with a chicken sandwich. As well as the cheese, you can add other things like a chipotle sauce, mayonnaise, pickles, tomatoes or even having a mix of cheeses!

WEDNESDAY: an open toasted sandwich

It is the middle of the working week and a toasted sandwich might not be what you are keen on. Why not try an open toasted sandwich? You have less bread but the same amount of toppings. They are just as delicious! Give you lunch a gourmet upgrade

THURSDAY: a grilled cheese vegetable toasted sandwich

Get your vegetable fix with this toasted sandwich. With the addition of vegetables, you feel like you are being healthy and unhealthy at the same time! The cheese makes it warming. Maybe choose some roasted pumpkin, roasted capsicum and some roasted eggplant!

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FRIDAY: a four-cheese toasted sandwich

It is the last day of the working week. This is the perfect pick me up to get you through the day. A four-cheese sandwich is an explosion of delicious flavours in your mouth. Choose your favourite cheeses – maybe blue cheese, gruyere, cheddar and more! You will want to have this toasted sandwich every Friday.

SATURDAY: a cheese, pesto and sundried tomato sandwich

A toasted sandwich to start your weekend off right. It is not too rich and filling. Sometimes sandwiches can leave you with an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach and this one is definitely not the case. There is lots of flavour from the pesto and sundried tomatoes. It is warming and so tasty.

SUNDAY: a grilled cheese with tomato soup.

To end the week, enjoy a classic grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. You can have the grilled cheese by itself, but having it with tomato soup makes it even better. It is so delicious and addictive you won’t be able to stop eating it.

Toasted sandwiches are delicious and are the perfect meal option for every day of the week! It doesn’t require many ingredients and is easy to make. It will never disappoint you. Share with us your favourite toasted sandwiches in the comments below!

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