To The Man Who Accepts Me For Who I Am – Thank You

When I laugh until I cry, you laugh alongside me. Or when I am sick, with bags beneath my eyes and greasy hair, you are there to take care of me. Through the highs and the lows, you stay by my side. You love me for who I am. So consider this thank you a token of my appreciation.

We met three years ago, sitting in the back of a high school English class.

At first, we were both invisible to one another. With your shy character and my outgoing one, we seemed like the last people on the planet to fall for one another. But after being assigned to a project together, I saw how genuine you are. You truly care about others, even without knowing them.

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When things got tough, we both took solace in the company of one another.

You became my confidante. You saw the deepest, darkest parts of me and stayed. You opened up too, and suddenly we were the closest of friends. I don’t think anyone else understood how we were able to talk to each other for hours without getting bored. Seeing each other every day and never having enough. There was something in you that I didn’t find in anyone else. Inevitably, we became more than friends.

To The Man Who Accepts Me For Who I Am – Thank You

During the first year and a half of our relationship, we searched for the perfect school to continue our education at. You took the route of the United States Armed Forces. For over a year now, we have functioned as a long-distance couple. Despite this, we still laugh, and we still take good care of each other. We are learning to value every minute we are together, but just a little more.

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Something we have learned over the two and a half years of our relationship is that love isn’t perfect.

Sometimes it isn’t even that pretty. Still, you don’t allow the anxiety I feel tarnish any part of us. You try to understand what I am feeling, and you try to heal it. When you feel uncertain about the path you chose, I am here to give you certainty again.

To The Man Who Accepts Me For Who I Am – Thank You

We believe in each other’s dreams, even if it means sacrificing something of our own. But we strive to find equality, balance and fairness. We face hardships and struggles with an unwavering loyalty to one another. There is something special in that. You are never too young, old or broken to feel love and acceptance for another person. It really is just about finding the other person to feel it with.

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There is an ancient story that claims that humans were once made of two heads, four arms and four legs.

However, the Gods split these humans in half in fear of their power. The humans have since been doomed to finding their other half, sometimes on a lifelong quest. Whether this is true or not, you make me believe in stories like this. You remind me of the good in the world, when I can’t see if myself.

So, thank you.

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