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To Go Out Or Not To Go Out: Lafayette College Edition

To Go Out Or Not To Go Out: Lafayette College Edition

A constant question every college student faces is: do I go out or stay in? For all Lafayette College students, read this article to help your debate.

You’re a few weeks into your first semester at Lafayette College and all situated with a new friend group, a decked out dorm, and new classes. You’re now living on your own, with all of the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Classes are over, it’s Friday afternoon, and the weekend has begun.

The question you ask yourself each week arises: should I go out or not? At Lafayette College, students find something new to do almost every weekend.

Going Out

Whether you and your friends are going out to party, trying to get off campus, or going on a date, there is always something to do at Lafayette.

This is how you know whether to go out or not at Lafayette College


Every weekend, there will be something going on around campus. As a first-year, students are more limited to party access, however, Lafayette takes this into account. Sororities and Fraternities host spinners as a part of their philanthropy projects. Fraternity houses will host a spinner on Friday or Saturday night primarily for first-years to go out and have a good time. Each spinner is themed, too!

Many students also find opportunities to go to parties at off-campus housing walking distance from campus. These houses host parties for all students without the $3 fee of getting in, as with spinners.

For those students 21 and older, Easton’s very own One Night Club allows students to get off of campus and dance the night away with friends. Also, walking distance from campus, Milo’s Bar offers a new environment for students to go to on a Friday or Saturday night.

This is how you know whether to go out or not at Lafayette College


Lafayette College is in the heart of Easton, Pennsylvania, with a high tourist population. This provides students with good restaurants and places to go on the weekend to switch things up.

Stoke Pizza is located in center square. It’s an affordable pizza place for students to go to any night of the week and offers half off pizza to students on Wednesdays with an ID present.

The Bayou is also in center square. This is a sit-down southern restaurant with some of the best home-style cooking in the area.

Easton, PA is home to the wonderful Crayola Factory in Center Square. Feel like a kid again and create your very own Crayola color.

These are only to name a few. Lafayette College is surrounded by restaurants, shops, and salons that will fit any students’ interest.

This is how you know whether to go out or not at Lafayette College

Date Night

Oak Steakhouse is a good place to go if you want to get off of campus and take your partner somewhere fancy. It’s located right off of center square and offers a variety of well-cooked food in a warm and elegant venue. Make sure your wallet can handle the night, however.

The State Theatre is located in Easton which attracts many acts from across the world. This ranges from singers to dance acts to comedians to variety acts. Walk downtown, get all dressed up, and take your partner to an old town theatre for a night of fun, laughter, and enjoyment.

See Also

Bank Street Creamery, formally known as Purple Cow, is a good place to go after a show and enjoy some ice cream. It’s tucked behind the Crayola Factory. Don’t forget to take a cute picture in the brightly colored chairs and brick wall background.

This is how you know whether to go out or not at Lafayette College

Staying In

Not in the mood to get all dressed up late at night and have the energy to stay up until 2 a.m.? Dress down in your comfiest pajamas and cuddle up under the blankets for a night in.

Staying In for the Weekend

Netflix and Dominos say enough. Students at Lafayette are always ordering Dominos Delivery, and combining that with Netflix (Hulu, HBO, YouTube, etc.), you can’t really go wrong.

Lafayette College is always offering different events or activities to participate in each weekend, whether its a play down the hill, a speech from a famous scientist, a performance by Kid Ace the Illusionist, or a movie on the quad, there is always something to do to just relax with friends.

This is how you know whether to go out or not at Lafayette College

Well, there you have it. Now you can decide whether or not to go out. Lafayette College has endless possibilities. Whether you want to stay in, have a date planned, or just want to go out and dance the night away, there will always be an option just for you.
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