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8 Tips You Should Follow When Organizing Your Closet

Keeping your closet organized sometimes seems like such a hideous task. But keeping your closet organized with not only save you time searching for the items you need, it will also help you see if you have been saving too much stuff you don’t need and help others by donating it or toss them in the trash if they are beyond repair. Here we bring you some tips to organizing your closet that will help you keep everything clean and in order!

1. Categorize Everything Up

The first step you should follow when organizing your closet is removing everything and making a category of each group of garments. You can divide them in three basic categories, top garments, bottom garments and accessories. Then you could start making subdivisions according to the main things you have in your closet. For example, if you have lots of sweaters you can make sweaters a top subcategory or if you have too many skirts you can make skirts a bottom garments subcategory. Remember to save up space by folding items in storage boxes that can stay folded and just hanging those that look better up.

2. Label It All Up

One of the best things you could do when organizing your closet is labeling things according to their category. This will help you find quicker what you need them and will also save you time after you do laundry and put things back in your closet. You can divide your items in storage boxes if they are better folded and label these up or hang them with a label in front of every category.

3. Divide Your Drawers

We bet you have a drawer that’s just has everything tangled and messy inside because we all do. Well we also have the solution for that! It doesn’t matter if you have belts, socks, ties, scarves or your underwear get some drawer dividers that can be bought in stores or made by yourself with some reused cardboard. This will help you organizing your closet by having neat drawers also!

4. Use Your Walls Too

Sometimes in we forget that wall space can help us organizing our closet too! You should definitely see if this is what is happening to you and get same towel bars or specialized wall hangers to attach at your unused walls. Some items that you can hang in walls include scarves, belts, ties or even jewelry. This will help you organizing your closet by having more empty space inside it for regular clothes and keeping your accessories in a neat display.

5. Coordinating Hangers

Another tip when organizing your closet is making sure that all your hangers are the same. This might sound a bit silly, but it will make your closet look cleaner if your hangers are not scattered. You can decide if you buy neon hangers, plain grey ones or wood ones, choose the ones that fit better with your personality! Just remember not having a mixture of plastic hangers in green, wooden ones and wire ones because that small detail will make your closet look a lot messier.

6. Keep What You Use The Most Closer

Another great way to organizing your closet is keeping those items you used the most, such as your favorite jeans, tennis or work clothes in eye level. This will help you find and grab the items you need on a run faster. But it will also give you space to delegate those items you don’t wear on regular basis such as elegant gowns to the back of your closet and not having to mingle through them every morning without finding what you really need.

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7. Get Dressed In Drawers

If you want to make your morning routine easier be sure to add this organizing your closet tip to your daily life. If you have drawers in your closet that can hold lots of items inside them be sure to organize them in the order you get dresses every morning. In the top drawer you can have your undergarments, in the one below you can have pants and in the third one you can have the tops that can be folded. Easy as it can be to dress every morning!

8. Keep Tabs Of Your Items

Another great tip to keep that recent job you have made of organizing your closet is to keep tabs of your items. We mean that every time you bring a new item such as a pair of shoes review the ones you already have and decide if you could let go of another one. This is great to keep the closet organized and to get rid of items you might be keeping to take space but not using.

Delaying the task of organizing your closet? Don’t anymore! With these easy to follow tips you will finish in no time!

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