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Tips I Wish I Knew Before Virginia Tech Orientation

Tips I Wish I Knew Before Virginia Tech Orientation

Tips I Wish I Knew Before Virginia Tech Orientation

As my senior year of high school came to an end, I remember having mixed emotions about leaving for college. Saying goodbye to all that is known and venturing into your new Hokie community is quite a process. Exciting, but also somewhat terrifying. For most students, Virginia Tech orientation is really the first time they have been on campus for more than a couple of hours. Orientation is super important, because it’s a time to explore, meet new friends, and get your first taste of college life. That being said, here are 11 things I wish I knew before Virginia Tech orientation.

1. You will most likely NOT be living in West Ambler Johnston.

During orientation, you have the option of staying in a dorm room overnight with an assigned roommate. The dorm that you will stay in is called West Ambler Johnston. This dorm is arguably the nicest, equipped with new furniture, an air conditioning unit, and carpeting! Many people have the misconception that every dorm is like West Ambler Johnston, but they aren’t. For a list of all freshman dorms at VT click here.

2. Realize that not everyone has a roommate yet!

If you found your roommate on Facebook, plan to meet up with him or her at orientation. It’s a great time to interact with them face to face and see how they interact with other people. Also, if you don’t have a roommate, there are a ton of people in the same boat; my roommate and I met each other at orientation!

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3. Do not lose your Hokie Passport (student ID).

Student IDs will be issued on the last day of orientation. Be sure to smile. You need your Hokie Passport for meal swipes, exam days, to enter your dorm, and a variety of other things. Also, be a responsible adult (unlike me) and do not lose your student ID. They are $20 to replace.

4. D2 is not the best dining hall.

During orientation, they schedule meal breaks at D2. D2 is the only dining hall which is a buffet style. You may think the food is good, but you will soon realize that it pales in comparison to food courts like West End Market and Turner.

5. Put yourself out there to meet new people.

VT is a huge school. Therefore, knowing people before starting your freshman year is definitely beneficial.


6. Follow your orientation leader on social media.

If he/she allows it, follow them on social media. It’s a great way to stay in contact and see what upperclassmen are doing around Blacksburg in their spare time.

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7. Remain open minded.

In a university, you are bound to come across people with different views than yours. Part of college life is expanding your own wealth of knowledge. So, talk to new people!

8. Be nice to your parents.

They will want to spend as much time with you as possible, because they know that they will no longer see you everyday. Transitioning into college is a difficult process for your parents as much as it is for you. Realize this and be nice.

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9. Visit the downtown Blacksburg area.

According to Garden & Gun, Blacksburg is the best southern college town. Go explore! Blacksburg has small shops, a farmers market and most importantly- tons of amazing restaurants.

10. Pay attention when signing up for classes.

You will be guided to the Virginia Tech Math Emporium to select classes for the fall semester. If you know what you will be majoring in, do some research. See what classes are required, and then use! Also, pay attention to the process, as class selection can at first be very confusing.


11. Brush up on your Hokie trivia.

Orientation leaders will try to make your experience at Tech the best it can possibly be. Therefore, they will make sure you know every cheer and artifact about Virginia Tech.

Sample questions:

Easy: What is the name of our coach this upcoming season?
Medium: Name 3 players on our team.
Hard: Who is the first team that Virginia Tech played when Frank Beamer was still head coach?

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