10 Tips When Traveling Around The City Of Boston This Fall

10 Tips When Traveling Around The City Of Boston This Fall

If you happen to find yourself in New England this fall, you should absolutely check out the city of Boston. With amazing museums, rich history, beautiful foliage, and breathtaking architecture, you will fall in love. But if you’ve never been you’re going to want to keep some things in mind. Consider these 10 tips when traveling around Boston this fall!

1. Plan Your Destinations Ahead of Time

While Boston is not New York, it is still a big city. In total, the city is 48 square miles, which means there is no way that you’re going to be able to see everything in just one visit. The best idea would be to plan out the specific sites you want to see ahead of time, in order to make room for all that you want to do. Maybe even choose other nearby sites if you’re not in the mood to take the T all over Boston or spend money with the back and forth travels in an Uber. 

10 Tips When Traveling Around The City Of Boston This Fall

2. The T is Your Friend

Like it or not the T is the best way to travel around Boston. You avoid the chaotic and sometimes dangerous roadways of Boston and get to your destination usually in a faster time. Make sure to be aware of which lines will take you where. The Green Line covers from Newton to the North End. The Red Line covers Alewife to Braintree/Ashmont. The Blue Line covers the area from the State House to Rever. And the Silver Line takes you from Logan Airport through the Seaport District and stops at South Station. Where you choose to go, if it’s not within a 15-minute walking distance you’re going to want to take the T!

3. Stop in a Cute Coffee Shop 

On a chilly fall day in Boston, you’re definitely going to want a little warmup in your travels. Boston is full is cute coffee shops that will allow you to relax and recharge over some hot java. The best part is some of these shops are in areas of town that have quaint street views and amazing decor. One of the biggest chain coffee shops in the city is Tatte, with a shop in almost every neighborhood. But if you’re looking for something a little more unique, there are plenty of one-of-a-kind shops such as Trident Booksellers or Caffe Vittoria. 

10 Tips When Traveling Around The City Of Boston This Fall

4. Take a Stroll Through the Public Garden 

Since it is located in New England, Boston is filled with some of the most beautiful foliage this country has to offer. The best place to see the foliage is The Public Garden located in the Downtown area. While the garden is known for its beautiful blooms in the springtime, it is arguably just as beautiful in autumn. While you’re in the area, also take a walk through Boston Common. You never know what events may be taking place or what ven

5. Keep Some Cash on You

While most places take cards, there are some places that are strictly cash only. You will find this to be the case at many dessert places in the North End like Mike’s Pastry. And while there are ATMs most places, it is a pain to not have the money on you in the first place. Also if it’s not your bank’s ATM, you are looking at added-on fees for simply just trying to take out some cash. Therefore having the money in hand ahead of time is always best!

 10 Tips When Traveling Around The City Of Boston This Fall

6. Museums are a Safe Bet

Boston weather is unpredictable and you’re not going to want to risk an outdoor activity if there is a change of rain. Therefore in order to avoid getting soaked, a museum visit is always a good move. Plus Boston has some of the coolest museums in the country like the Museum of Science, Museum of Fine Arts, The Sports Museum and the Harvard Museum of Natural Science. Also, while not a museum, a trip to the Boston Aquarium is always a great time, and you’ll be able to see some pretty diverse and unique marine life 

7. Locate Parking Garages

If you are brave and would like to drive into Boston, you’re the biggest challenge will not be navigating the streets, but finding a place to leave your car. Luckily Boston does have plenty of parking garages, but you are going to want to know where each of the garages is located to avoid a ton of extra walking. Also beware that these parking garages do charge a hefty fee, especially in areas that are more popular. 

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10 Tips When Traveling Around The City Of Boston This Fall

8. Stop for a Hearty Lunch or Dinner

All the walking of the city is definitely going to lead to some hunger pains and with all the good restaurants in Boston you must grab yourself a nice big lunch or dinner when in the city. For Italian cravings definitely hit up the North End. If you’re seeking New American Back Bay is probably the area you want to go to. And for some amazing Chinese food, you’re going to want to go to China Town in the Downtown area. Any part of Boston you visit you’re bound to find some world-class restaurants that will leave you feeling full and recharged. 

9. Take Pictures of Everything

If you don’t get a picture did it even happen? Well of course it did. But sometimes you may not be as aware to take pictures when you’re caught up in the beautiful foliage of Boston combined with the downtown backdrop. So if you can remember to take a picture of all you see. This way you will have a little reminder of each memory you made in the city! 

10 Tips When Traveling Around The City Of Boston This Fall

10. Bring a jacket

Boston does get somewhat chilly in the fall, so it would be wise to have a jacket when walking around the city. Even if you plan on using public transportation, you could find yourself waiting outside for a period of time, therefore a little added layer wouldn’t hurt. This way you can experience all of Boston without feeling those goosebumps! 

Can you think of any other tips someone might want to know before heading to Boston? Let us know in the comments section!

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