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10 Tips To Survive Sorority Recruitment As Told By A Sorority Girl

10 Tips To Survive Sorority Recruitment As Told By A Sorority Girl

Sorority recruitment can seem stressful, and intimidating. However, with these 10 tips to survive recruitment will have you ahead of the game.

As an alumni from a sorority I have seen all the sides of sorority recruitment. It sounds scary at first, but I promise the process is worth it. Being a veteran I wanted to give advice to girls who are going through it for the first time. Here I created 10 tips to survive sorority requirement as told by a sorority girl.

1. Make sure to pack smartly

During rush you are busy from going to one house to another, the chances of you not needing a touch up are slim to none. Make sure that your packing deodorant, makeup, and comb that will help to refresh your look. Also, please pack a pair of flip flops for in-between breaks your heels are cute, but your feet will thank you later. Don’t forget a small towel to sit on to avoid any unwanted grass stains.

2. Weather is unpredictable so pay attention

Make sure to look at what the weather is going to be like the following day, and dress accordingly. It’ll make the long hours of sorority recruitment worth it.


3. Bring a notebook and pen

Always make sure to have a tiny notebook and pen on deck. Take as many notes as you can, it’ll help you see which houses you had the best connections with. Sorority recruitment can be crazy and placing all your thoughts will also help to better organize yourself.

4. Refrain from boy talk

This isn’t the time or place to be talking about which frat, or guys the girls hang out with. This is the crucial time where you are forming possible bonds with these girls. Get to know them, and the house. Later when rush is over you can talk about them all you want.

5. Get to know your Rho Gamma

Don’t be afraid of speaking to your rho gammas about any questions about rush you might have! They have been in your shoes, so they know how you feel. Plus they are basically one of the greatest support systems a PNM can have.


6. Don’t follow what everyone else does

Everyone has a different opinion on each house that they visit. You might end up falling in love with a house your friends don’t. Thats okay! Trust yourself to make the right choice when it comes to which sisterhood you want to become apart of. Also it will help make sorority recruitment so much easier on you.

7. Ask any chapter questions you have

Each house has different values, philanthropies, and volunteering options that they take part in. The only way to get to know more about the house, and their mission is to ask about it. Not only does it show your interested, but you’ll learn some great information along the way.

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8. Be nice

It doesn’t matter which houses you hate and which ones you love if your mean. Being nasty won’t secure you a bid from any house, and your chances of being kicked out of the process is high. Instead, try putting yourself out there with every house, and feel it out. Regardless if you feel a connection or not it you’ll feel better for actually trying.

9. Know that they are just as nervous

The girls that are talking to you during rush probably more nervous than you are. They want to make a good impression on you, and want to get to know you. Make sure to ask any questions, and talk about yourself and intrestes. This will help keep the conversation flowing, and you’ll be sure to impress the sisters you talk to.

10. Be your honest self

Don’t try to pretend to be someone your not in front of these girls. They want to know the real you, and you owe yourself to see if this house is right for you. If real connections form because of it you know you found the one.

Sorority recruitment is time consuming and can seem confusing at times. However, if you give it a chance you might just find your house.
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