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10 Tips To Stay Sane When You’re Stuck Inside On A Snow Day

10 Tips To Stay Sane When You’re Stuck Inside On A Snow Day


We can all agree that the feeling you get after finding out you have a snow day is truly magical. Nothing compares to the joy of precious time off, but what happens when the feeling gets old? While the weather outside is frightful, there are still ways to make your snow day delightful, no matter where you are. Here are some ideas to keep your mind from rotting while you’re stuck inside on a snow day.

1. Pajama Day or Fashion Show

There’s no reason to change clothes if you’re not leaving the house, so why not get cozy in your onesie and slippers. Better yet, go through your closet with your friends and see what crazy outfits can be made! Either way, stay comfortable and warm. Just don’t forget about whose stuff you’re screwing with. Damaging a special piece of clothing or jewelry may not always be well-received.


2. Free Ice Cream!

No, not yellow snow, but just look at all of the pure crystals from the sky! Take your flavored drink and add a few cups of snow (that hasn’t touched the ground) and make your own sweet treat. Check out this article for the ingredients to make Vanilla snow ice cream or mix it up with your own flavors!



3. Coloring and Crafts

Coloring books are all the rage these days, so see what kind of coloring book pages you can find, either printable or digital. Use a coloring app or search “coloring pages” on Google and then narrow your search with image ideas or topics you want. The possibilities are endless, believe me.

4. Pamper Yourself

It’s been a rough day. Paint your nails or try out that homemade facial recipe you saw online once. Do something to treat yourself while you have nowhere to be and nothing to do. Use a nice bath bomb, put your feet up, and enjoy this calm time with whatever makes you happy.


5. Throwback Marathon

Sure, you can continue to binge your favorite show or find something new to watch, but why don’t you revisit your older favorites? Whether that means a marathon of old-age Disney cartoons, those YouTube videos you loved in high school, or your favorite movie at age 12, take a look back at what was loved and popular a few years ago and see how times have changed.

6.  Cyber-Surfing

The Internet is truly an amazing place. Take all of those weird quizzes that you see on Facebook and see what your name would be if you were a dog and stuff. Go shopping on your favorite retailer’s site, browse through interesting articles, or look through all of your social media outlets (Note: stalking is not encouraged, but there’s no harm in losing yourself in Instagram). If you’re lost, try a random site like StumbleUpon to curb your boredom.



7. Gaming

Board games, addictive game apps, or laptop games, there are plenty of free games to play out there. Play with friends and see who is the best gamer of the group, whether that means Words with Friends or your favorite RPG (role-play game).

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8. FaceTime, Skype, etc.

Speaking of friends, hang out and chat with those you’re close to. Family or friends will be just as bored as you are, so why not curb your boredom together? Text or video-chat with your buds or meet someone new to make solitary confinement somewhat more enjoyable for everyone.

9. Try something new!

Maybe you’ve always wanted to speak another language or try a cool new baking recipe. Maybe you want to learn Origami, try out some new Yoga poses, or even try and learn the dance to that song everyone loves. Whatever the case, broaden your horizons with a book or activity that you’re interested in.



Seriously, you have nothing to do. If you can, catch up on some sleep and rest up for everything you’re going to have to do during the make-up day. You deserve it!


What are your favorite things to do when you’re stuck inside on a snow day? Comment below.
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