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8 Tips To Stay Safe At College Parties

8 Tips To Stay Safe At College Parties

8 Tips To Stay Safe At College Parties

College parties are a whirlwind of emotions. They can be so much fun, dancing around with your friends, meeting cute boys, just all around having a great time. However, sometimes, at the same time, before you know it they can become a nightmare. While everyone around you is in college and that feels like a safe environment, it isn’t always safe. You need to be taking precautions when you go to parties to make sure that you and your friends are safe going in an out so that you truly do have the times of your lives. Here I have made 8 tips to help you and your friends stay safe at college parties!

1. Always go with friends, never alone

If you are going to college parties, be sure to always be going with at least one other person, and never going alone. This way, if something does go wrong, there is someone there to take care of you or the other way around. It’s a great way to stay safe.

8 Tips To Stay Safe At College Parties

2. Don’t leave your drink unattended

When you go to these college parties you encounter people that you don’t always know, and with that comes the mystery of what kind of person that they are. If you leave your drink unattended, this could give someone the opportunity to put a drug in your drink. To avoid this, just keep your drink in your hand until you are done with it!

3. Don’t take drinks from strangers

This one, much like the one before, is very important. Taking a drink from a stranger could allow for someone to slip a drug into your drink before giving it to you. It’s even easier for them than slipping it in a drink you already had. Always make your own drinks or take them from someone you really really trust.

4. Be sure to drink water throughout the night

To keep from getting sick later in the night, be sure to drink water every now and then. It helps to keep you hydrated and to allow you to enjoy your night for longer! Drinking water is always a good idea, even when you aren’t partying!

8 Tips To Stay Safe At College Parties

5. Have your friend’s locations

If you end up losing a friend, having their location can be a huge help. You can track them and it will help you find them easier to make sure that they are safe. This is especially helpful if you have not heard from them in a while or they aren’t answering their messages.

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6. Take a ride share service or have a designated driver

It is never safe to drink and drive. When you are going out, the best option is to have a designated driver, however, if you don’t, you should take a rideshare service. Paying a few dollars is worth not risking your life. Likewise, if you see your designated driver is drinking at all, even “just a few sips”, do not get in the car with them. It is not worth your life.

7. Tell your friends if you are leaving the party

You should always leave the party with your friends so that everybody is safe, but in the event that you leave without them, let them know when you are leaving and where you are going. This way, if something goes wrong, they will know that you have left.

8. Don’t go to the bathroom alone

Again, it is always good to have a buddy with you, and going to the bathroom is no exception. You never know what will happen if you are wandering around a party alone, so, stick to your friends!

8 Tips To Stay Safe At College Parties

Do you have any other tips to be safe at college parties? Let me know in the comments down below!

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