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Tips To Stay Positive During a Boston Winter

Tips To Stay Positive During a Boston Winter

New England can be awfully brutal in the winter. This list can relay some tips to stay positive in Boston as the fall approaches its end!


What’s needed during your 6-8 months of frostbitten winter is loads of wholesome games that you and friends can do when it gets dark at 3:00 p.m. Monopoly, Puzzles and Clue are fine games over cups of hot chocolate or eggnog, and can last for hours. It’s much safer and friendlier than the occasional drinking games locals might play during a blizzard. Again, safer than taking a dive out of your 3rd or 4th-floor window as Mayor Marty Walsh warned against during the Blizzard of 2015.

It’s reported that this winter is to be among the coldest in memory, so find yourself a group of friends who are fans of board games, because you’ll survive the winter, and may come to resent friends who shut down once the winter sets in because they haven’t got the proper tips to stay positive.

Tips To Stay Positive During A Boston Winter

Clean Your Living Space

A very important tip to stay positive at the apex of when you’ll be shut away. Being indoors for months at a time takes its’ toll on your emotional health. At one point, you will tire of being indoors, and despite a desire to go for a walk, it’s 5 below outside. You can be a real smart-aleck and pretends it’s just another summer day, this will make you more positive. Cleaning your living space can have a redemptive effect in that you could clean your slate much like the New Year.

The more one spends finding the most efficient and effective way to store, reorganize, minimize and maximize space, the less one worries later. You have so much more time to spend dealing with your own inadequate organization. It can debilitate one’s self-esteem, especially after those dark periods where the sun hasn’t been seen in 2 weeks and won’t make an appearance for another few. Self-care is an important step, and with the New Year comes a new chance to be the best you possible.

Tips To Stay Positive During A Boston Winter

Creative Projects

One of the benefits of being an artist is that you have a wellspring of ideas to develop and work on during the height of the winter. Most people don’t have an outlet such as that and succumb to spending their time Xboxing, drinking, ogling the television, or getting into trouble of some kind. People from warmer climates may find themselves perplexed at the 5-8 anti-social months, as the winter disturbs a lot of regular social contact. The most important tips to stay positive is to learn to channel your creativity during long periods of boredom.

It requires discipline and a sense of dedication. If one can calculate it properly, subtract 16 hours for sleep and work/school, that leaves one with 270 hours that one could record an album, or two’s worth of music, copyright and organize all the materials to release a well-thought and planned record. At that same time, you could try to engage your materials in annual music contests, such as the Tiny Desk, the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and countless others. Rising with the New Year is a remarkable feeling and makes for a more enriching and fulfilling year.

Tips To Stay Positive During A Boston Winter

Rise With The Sun

In the same way that rising with the New Year is important, rising with the sun can also be the most useful of tips to stay positive. During the height of the winter, there is a vitamin D shortage that, combined with cabin fever and constantly wearing warm clothes, stuck in warm rooms all the time, can really lead one down a pessimistic path. When you rise with the sun, you raise your potential to get sunlight every day exponentially. It could be at most only an improved 45 minutes or so of sunlight, but given so much of the winter involves 20 minutes or less of sunlight for several days in a row, it becomes more noticeable.

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You may find yourself in a far more chipper mood trying to get up early as opposed to your friends who don’t manage to rise with the sun. This could be among the first times in your life that people in your immediate environment are not as interested in keeping it together during the winter. You may be the only person in your immediate friend group who seeks to take care of yourself. In fact, if this is among the first times of living alone, it may prove to be a nice nudge to better self-care.

Tips To Stay Positive During A Boston Winter

Get Alive With Those Indoor Games!

There are all sorts of neat indoor activities in the city that you’ve put off all of these years. There are museums and the¬†aquarium if you haven’t looked into them yet. There are many bookstores to browse such as Commonwealth or Brattle Books, and tons¬†of restaurants to visit. There is the Coolidge Corner Movie Open Mic the first Tuesday of each month, as well as the numerous free art galleries, such as the So Wa Art art gallery on the first Friday of every month starting from October-June. It has generous helpings of free wine, snacks and genuine conversation with local painters, sculptors, and multimedia graphic designers. There are various out-of-left-field wintertime activities such as going to a trampoline factory or going to an indoor Go-Cart racetrack!

Though outdoor ice-skating is a thing, there’s improved availability of indoor ice skating as well. Such other indoor sports include basketball, or skating’s more obscure older-cousin, Hockey, where one goes expecting a fight and, being surprised a Hockey game broke out instead! Going with friends or alone to these things can yield more uplifting friends, making this one the most important of tips to stay positive during the winter!

New England can be awfully brutal in the winter. This list can relay some tips to stay positive in Boston as the fall approaches its end!

Are there tips to stay positive we left out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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