Tips To Stay Organized, When Your Life Is Turned Upside Down

Environment is everything! The right environment will affect your mood and productivity. The only way it can be achieved is by getting and staying organized, so when life throws everything it could possibly throw at you, you will still be able to be productive and keep going.

Calendars/Planners/Bullet Journals

Whatever method that works for you to stay organized in knowing what is going on in your life, use it. The worst thing you can do is miss a deadline for something you wanted to do or forget to be in a specific place at a certain time, and you didn’t remember because your life was being turned upside down by school, work, and family obligations. You can fill in the rest based on your personal life, but regardless of what is going on, you need a system to manage your life.

Your calendar could look like an agenda, a wall calendar, a desk calendar, a dry erase board, a blank journal to put dates in for tasks, or a Google calendar. Whatever works best for you, use it, and if you do not know what works for you, you can start right now in figuring it out. Just take some of the ideas that are listed and try it out for yourself.

One thing to remember is that consistency is key. It starts with wanting to make a change and the actions that go behind it. I know that it’s been said that it takes 21 days to develop a habit, but what is most important in this process is intentionality. It takes you wanting to be more organized about your day and making up your mind and doing it.

Meal Prep

Having time to eat can be a challenge when you have a lot of things going on. Its either you eat a lot of junk food, or you do not remember to eat at all. Meal prepping for a week can be a healthy choice and less time consuming than going to a restaurant. Planning out your meals too far in advance can be a challenge. If you are a person that cannot eat the same thing for more than three days, you can have several meal preps throughout the week. You should prioritize your meal prepping in order to make time to cook the meals. If you think it is taking up too much time to do meal prep twice a week, consider the amount of time it would take you to go to a restaurant every day to eat two or three meals. With travelling and eating at a restaurant, you would come to find out that meal prep is a better use of your time.

Let’s get started!

All you are going to need is:

  • Some of your favorite recipes or new recipes you want to try
  • An hour of your time depending on what you are preparing
  • Food containers
  • Ziploc bags
  • The willingness to try something new!

By organizing your meals, your life will be more manageable. Well, at least when it comes to your meals. You will be on your way to less stress and more time to get everything done.

Paper Products Are Your Friend

Often when your life is turned upside down, it can be difficult to keep your kitchen organized. Staying organized when you have a lot on your plate can be difficult trying to find time or motivation to wash dishes. For some people, having dirty dishes can affect their mood and make them feel unproductive because they did not stay organized. In order to prevent the guilt for not taking care of dishes, buy paper plates and plastic silverware during this stressful time. It can help keep your kitchen clean and your sink dish-free until you have more time to eat on your dinnerware and wash the dishes.

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Make A To-Do List / Shopping List

Stay organized with a to-do-list and shopping list is essential to getting things done. With life happening, it is easy to get distracted or lose your train of thought. It probably happens more than you want to admit, but when you write things down, you are more likely to remember them and do them. Or have you ever needed something from the store and depended on your memory to remember the shopping list. Then, you get to the store and forget all about it and can’t recall until you are driving down the road on the way home. Or walk around the store trying to remember what you came there for. I surely can’t be the only one. Writing a shopping list will help you stay organized by not wasting time and instead you can use that time to do something that is more pressing.

Organize Your Room

Organizing your room is almost like representation for organizing your life. No one has the time to look for their keys when they are running late. To stay organized, try to give things a designated place. It will help you find something when you need it without spending the time searching for it. With everything having a place, it is essential to be deliberate and placing things back where you got them. Making it easier to find later. A tip that can be beneficial is to clean up everything at the end of the day before you go to bed. It will allow you to feel at peace and ready to take on the next day.

Being able to stay organized is a skill that can be beneficial to your life because no matter how much stuff you have going on, you will be able to have an environment that takes away the stress of having more things to do in an already busy life. So, take one of these ideas or all of them and start moving toward an organized life! Let us know in the comments below what you do to get organized!

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