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3 Tips to Stay Organized in College

3 Tips to Stay Organized in College


With finals fast approaching, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all that you have to do, but it’s also easy to put an end to the stress! My solution? Get organized! Here are my three tips for staying organized in college.

3 Tips to stay organized in college




  1. Make a list.

Sound too simple? It is! It’s also the easiest way to feel less stressed. When I have a lot of papers due or tests coming up, I like to write everything down. I organize each assignment in order of when it will be due, so that I can prioritize what I should get done first. Just seeing everything on paper, instead of jumbled in my head, instantly makes me feel less stressed. Plus there’s nothing more satisfying then crossing these items off your list once they’re done!


TO do list

  1. Get a wall calendar.

Now that you’ve organized your due dates you’re going to want to keep them all in one place. I’d be completely lost if I didn’t have my calendar hanging above my desk. It’s here that I list upcoming events, basketball games, tests, and due dates. I also color code everything based on work, school, and social events. This only further helps to organize all of the jumbled dates. You can get some really cute wall calendars and pinboards at Pbteen.

wall calendar

  1. Download some apps!

Sometimes pen and paper just doesn’t cut it, and that’s when your iPhone can handle the job instead. One of my favorite apps for staying organized in college is the iStudiezPro app, which allows you to keep track of every aspect of your life from academic to social all on one calendar. You’re also able to add your assignments, due dates, and set a homework study schedule. Another one of my favorites is the Remember the Milk app. As I’ve said before, staying on top of your to do list is crucial to staying organized. However, if your list is on paper it’s easy to misplace it. This app ensures that you never forget to complete a task again! The best part about it is its prioritizing function that allows you to place your most important tasks at the top. You can also create separate lists based on personal, study, and work.

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Once you’ve gotten everything accomplished and completed your busy week, celebrate! Treat yourself to some sleep, a movie, or a nice dinner with friends. But first, get organized!

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