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7 Tips To Stay Madly In Love With Your SO

7 Tips To Stay Madly In Love With Your SO

7 Tips To Stay Madly In Love With Your SO

Once you’ve been in your relationship for a while, people always assume the honeymoon period is over, that you’re no longer madly in love. But this doesn’t have to be the case, you can keep the butterflies in your stomach, and the excitement of seeing your partner, the longing to be close to them, this all doesn’t have to disappear. These 7 simple tips will keep the romance between you and your SO, you’ll stay madly in love.

1. Friendship First

The best relationships are built on friendships, and to maintain an amazing relationship you need to remain best friends. The friend that you can always have a laugh with and have the same sense of humour, you can do silly things together and it just add to the laughter. 

7 Tips To Stay Madly In Love With Your SO

When a relationship is purely physical, that chemistry where you can spend hours together and never get bored is lost. You need to be able to hold conversations with each other, be able to share your deepest fears, secrets and dreams with each other.

A relationship is more than being just naked with each other. 

So when you are getting bored of each other’s company, look up random questions online to ask each other to bring back the laughter. 

E.g. Would you prefer to be a zebra or a giraffe? Why? 

If you had 3 wishes, what you wish for? (No more wishes)

Or even, If you could appear in any film or book universe, which would it be?

Relationships are friendships with the privilege of being able to kiss, so make sure you can always talk to each first. When they walk through the door, ask how their day has been, allow them to rant to you and gossip. 

Sit down and catch up. Get to know each other some more.

2. Take Care of Yourself 

This doesn’t mean be selfish and only take care of yourself, a relationship is meant to be you both supporting each other. However, your partner shouldn’t be the only one looking after you. You shouldn’t depend on him for everything. 

So take care of yourself, have independence from the relationship. Make sure you stay as you. Take a bath and have a glass of wine, or read a book. Go for a walk, or meet up with friends. Stay active and treat yourself to things you love. 

7 Tips To Stay Madly In Love

Your SO isn’t going to provide you with everything, you need to do a lot of it yourself. Take care of your own happiness outside of the relationship and this way you can be a lot happier together. 

3. 10 Second Kiss Every Day

This is a rule that I think every couple should follow, it’s a secret from couples that have lasted the test of time. Make the time to kiss each other for at least 10 seconds every day. 

None of this peck on the cheek, or just a quick kiss nonsense. 

We are talking about 10 seconds of affection, a meaningful kiss.

If you want to stay madly in love and in the honeymoon period, act like you are. A 10 second kiss wasn’t an issue at the beginning, you couldn’t keep your hands of each other; so why stop now? 

7 Tips To Stay Madly In Love With Your SO

We know life gets busy sometimes and there seems to be little time in the day to spend with each other, but it is only 10 seconds. Rather than a quick peck as you leave the door, put aside 10 seconds to make each other feel loved before you part ways. 

A little love and affection goes a long way in solving those minor issues in a relationship. You still feel close to them and know you are loved back.

As well as that, a meaningful kiss separates you from just being friends as well. I know I just said friendship is key to keeping love in the relationship, but you need affection and romance otherwise you’d only be friends, and no one wants to be friend-zoned while in the relationship. 

4. Apologise and Forgive 

Grudges are the bane of relationships. You can’t move on if you’re still holding a grudge against something they did ages ago. So if you want to stay madly in love then you need to learn two phrases. 

1. I am sorry

2. I forgive you 

These are two of the most important things you’ll say to someone you love, and you actually have to mean them. There is no point saying it if you don’t mean it, especially if, when the next fight comes around, you’ll bring those previous issues. 

We need to move past those problems to enjoy the relationship again, to stay in love. 

As has been said by the wise: it is you and your SO against the problem, not you against your partner. 

You need to work together to fix the problem and then move on from it.

5. Date Night 

Seems self explanatory that as a couple you should go on dates, but once you’ve been together a while the couch and TV become your best friends. Nothing seems to beat a night in with your partner, cuddling on the couch. 

However, the longer this goes on the more problems seem to manifest. 

To stay madly in love you need to act like you did at the beginning of the relationship, act like you did in the honeymoon period. 

You need to make the effort between you both to go on dates, to keep that romance in your relationship. 

Do things that get you laughing, share more experiences, but most importantly do stuff that you both love. 

7 Tips To Stay Madly In Love

Perhaps you aren’t a couple for ice-skating, so you could just go out for a meal and a drink to catch up on each others week. Hear what each other have to say. 

Date night should happen once a week, in my opinion, to keep love in the air. And don’t give me that ‘I can’t afford to go and dates every week’ nonsense. Dates don’t have to be expensive, you can go on a walk together and watch some ducks in a pond swim about, and that counts as a date.

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You could go to a local museum, which are usually free. 

Or even get a board game out and just play that together. 

A date doesn’t have to involve spending money, but it does need to involve quality time together. And sometimes, watching tv together isn’t enough. 

6. Keep It Just You Two

You’ve heard of the expression ‘third wheeling’ I’m assuming? It’s got a negative connotation. If you’re on a date, it should just be the two of you, otherwise it’s not really a date where you spend quality time together. Its spending quality time together with Brad and your partner. 

So of course, it should go without saying, on those date nights it should just be you two.

7 Tips To Stay Madly In Love With Your SO

In fact, this should be a principle you should follow in general. When it matters, keep it just you two.

After you have had a fight, it’s ok to vent to your friends about your relationship. It’s necessary sometimes. But when your friends start getting overly involved it becomes an issue.

Decisions made between you and your SO should be just yours, it shouldn’t include the opinion of Betty as well. 

If you want to stay madly in love, keep others out. Otherwise you lose whats special between you both, because you’re fighting off the opinions of everyone else as well as your partners.

7. Listen and Be Supportive 

Possibly the most important tip to stay in love, as well as have your partner stay in love with you. Listen to them.

When you sit down and talk about each others day, you do in fact have to listen to what they say. You can’t switch off, you have to listen and participate. Ask questions, show that you are engaged in what they are saying. 

They will feel so much more appreciated by you, and be willing to keep sharing more with you. 

As they talk, they could be revealing important things about themselves. Dreams and aspirations of theirs, or a particular hard day at work because of some reason. You don’t only have to listen, but you have to support them. 

Help them as they build themselves up, as you’d hope they’d help you in similar scenarios. 

You get what you give. So give them as much as you could. Show them how much you love them, and you’ll be sure to get the same back. 

As long as you keep putting the effort into the relationship, so will they. 

The main point to take away from this is that to stay madly in love, you need to act like you did in the beginning of the relationship when you were madly in love. If you cherish and support each other, there will never be an end to your relationship. 

Comment below any more tips you think there are to staying in love with your partner, perhaps getting a nose plug so you don’t have to smell their farts?

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