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Tips to Stay Healthy During the Flu Season

Tips to Stay Healthy During the Flu Season

The summer was great and know that fall and winter are coming in full force there are many sicknesses that are coming up! Trying to stay healthy can feel never ending right now. Here are some ways to stay healthy during the flu season!

1. Stay Hydrated 

Hydration is key for those who don’t drink nearly as much as they should! If you are not drinking as much as you should, your body won’t be in its tip top shape to fight viruses. You don’t have to drink just water, but it is the easiest when trying to stay healthy and hydrated. If you don’t stay hydrated, there’s a chance you could catch anything that is going around campus easier and it will stay with you longer!

If you don’t like water or like something with a little flavor, you can get Gatorade or vitamin packets to add to your water. There are a lot of substitutes that you can use, but the thing you can do for your body is to stay hydrated! Your body will thank you later!


Tips to Stay Healthy During the Flu Season

2. Vitamins 

Winter is right around the corner and the vitamins you used to soak up from the sun you decreasing because of the more time you are spending in doors! Vitamins C and E are most important when battling a cold or trying to stay healthy. You can find them in pill form or just by going to the grocery store and buying orange juice, and if you need Vitamin E and seed will do! There are cough drops that has vitamins in them, which are very good if you need a boost in your daily intake without taking them daily. 

You should talk to your doctor about what vitamins you should be taking because everyone is different. Don’t take vitamins if you are unsure if you need them. Taking more than what you need will hurt your body too! So taking exactly what you need will help your body fight the cold!


3. Eat Healthy 

Healthy eating shouldn’t be hard nor should have to change your diet! Though it helps it you change your diet just a little bit, eating those foods that have higher vitamins in them can help a lot. Healthy eating in general helps your body fight colds and germs because it boosts your immune system without putting anything crazy in your diet that your body doesn’t recognize!

Eating healthy shouldn’t be a hassle or cause you any stress. Most of the time it’s just adding a few more good things into your diet while also taking out the sugars from candy or soda that you might have more than you should!

4. Wash Your Hands 

Your hands are the airport of germs and bacteria that can cause colds! Put some of those germs on the “do not fly” list this season by washing your hands more than you need to. It may sound simple but it’s not just about washing your hands every time  you go to the bathroom, it’s about washing them every time you cough, sneeze, wipe your nose. You should be committed to the bathroom. 


The last thing you want is everyone thinking you didn’t wash your hands while you’re sniffling and coughing a seat over in class. This also helps prevent the spread of germs to other people who are healthy! Help other’s stay healthy by not getting them sick and cleaning yourself up more than usually! Everyone will thank you!

Tips to Stay Healthy During the Flu Season

5. Sleep

You may not know it but when you sleep, your body is recuperating from the day before and fighting off germs and bacteria that might get you sick. If you are sick, sleeping can help fight off the bacteria easier than if you were awake and can help you get the energy to fight it off as well. It may be hard to get the right amount of sleep when you are a college student, but when you are sick, getting better is the most important thing because you don’t want to go through a semester of college being sick off and on. 

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6. Keep Your Hands To Yourself 

With sicknesses going around, it is important to make sure you don’t touch most things that are shared and if you do, it is important that you try to clean most of the stuff you touch. There can be a lot of people on campus and you may not know who’s been touch anything you’ve been touching. When you keep hands to yourself you are less exposed to the germs of the world!

7. Stay Away From Others 

Try to stay away from other to not get them sick. You don’t have to dodge people whenever they come near, but knowing how close your are to someone can greatly impact others health! The closer you are to people the greater the likelihood is that you will give them a sickness they don’t want.


If you will with other people; make sure you are cleaning everything you touch and clean your room whenever you can. Your room is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, so obtaining a clean space can help get rid of them! 

8. Cover Your Mouth

This may be a simple concept, but when you are sick protecting other people from your germs that can be rocket launched numerous feet in front of you is very important. Your mouth is full of germs that no one wants to walk past. Covering your mouth is a great way to reduce the chances of getting others sick. 

9. Talk To Your Doctor

At the end, talking to your doctor about what you should be taking or doing if you are sick. Doctors can tell you more about the flu season and how to avoid getting sick this season. Getting your flu shot could be one of those ways to decrease your chances of getting sick! 


Tips to Stay Healthy During the Flu Season

It’s hard to stay healthy during this time of the year! Did you find any of these helpful? Do you have anything you do to stay healthy? Tell us in the comments below!