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10 Tips To Spice Up Your Next Makeout Session

10 Tips To Spice Up Your Next Makeout Session

Whether you’re with your Significant Other, or that one hottie that lives just down the hall, makeout sessions with that special someone can turn into some of the hottest moments you could possibly get. It’s important to keep that time as exciting as it is enjoyable. Changing the pace, not too often but often enough to keep both parties interested. Here are 10 ways to keep your partner wanting to stick to you like super glue during your makeout session, with the consent, of course.

1. Use your hands

Run your fingers through their hair, and maybe sneak in a small tug, but not too hard.  use a softer force to grasp the back of their neck, rub their chest, their back, or even their booty. If you want to turn the heat up a little more, use your hands to lead your partner. Think of a makeout session as if you two are doing the tango, where both bodies must be in sync to keep the mood as spicy as a Hot Tamale. And it can make you feel closer to your partner and increase intimacy.

2. Slow and steady wins the race

Sometimes things can get heated pretty quickly. Try slowing the pace down once in a while, enjoy the time you’re spending with one another. It will show your partner the passion you’re putting in your kiss, increasing the intimacy. Leave them remembering you and how you’re not like the others, leaving them to want even more special moments with you.

10 Tips To Spice Up Your Next Makeout Session

3. Not a bite, but a nibble

This trick is fun if you’re wanting to go a little bit rough in your makeout session. Surprise them with a tender tug to the lip. Do it with a small graze, enough to lure them in closer, and make sure not to do it too frequently. You want to come off as passionate, but still add that element of surprise. And, absolutely, positively, avoid biting the top lip. It does not feel sexy, and no matter how lightly it’s played with, it’s just not as good of a feeling as the bottom lip.

4. Neck play

Let your lips take a stroll with this scenic route. The neck is one of the more sensitive parts of the body to fool around with, so start off slow then gradually pick up the passion as you go. To avoid a slobbery neck, start with a closed-mouth smooch, then start to add a little more, in moderation of course. Similar to the previous tip, adding a small nibble to the mix could go a very long way. Some may like a little more teeth with this move, but, again, ease into it.

10 Tips To Spice Up Your Next Makeout Session

5. Whisper in their ear

Even if it’s to say what you want to do to them, or just simply saying “hi,” this trick will send tingles down your partner’s spine and make them want you even more. You can make it cute and sweet, or you can turn up the heat with the soft hum of your voice. Innocent or raunchy, your voice will stick in your companion’s head, thus making you unforgettable.

 6. Catch your breath

Makeout sessions are like having a conversation with your partner, but, instead of communicating with words, you’re doing so with the language your bodies are speaking. Probably one of the most special parts of a makeout session, taking small breathers is important to let your partner know how good you’re feeling. Smile and make eye contact, you could even let out a soft moan in between the split seconds before your next smooch.

7. French Kissing

There are a lot of right ways to do this move and even more wrong ways to do it. There are plenty of people who try to avoid it altogether due to bad experiences. Again, makeout sessions are like the tango, it takes two to create that fusion. You don’t want one person to be stuck doing all the work, otherwise, there’s no fuse. Start off very slow, then ease into it. And work more of a shallow dig with your tongue rather than a shove. It’s complicated, but when it’s done right, you wonder how you’d gone without it.

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8. Changing positions

Depending on where your hot makeout spot is, changing the position every once in a while can help you gain, and even give, the control between your partner. Ladies, if the two-person party is on the sofa, try sitting on his lap, or using his body as a chair that you can sit forward in. And guys, if you’re wanting to gain more of that control, *gently* give her a small shove against a wall. Adding on, changing locations give no limit to how you can position yourselves to make it exciting. Do it on the countertop (make sure it’s clean and dish-free), on the staircase, and maybe even take it to anywhere in your bedroom besides the bed.

9. Teasing goes a long way

Another move that should be done in moderation. Just because you’re already in the moment, doesn’t mean you can’t play a game of hard to get. You can pull back for a second to stare deep in their eyes or start doing another move outside of kissing, then immediately go back to what you were originally doing. The right amount of resistance will make your partner not want to stop kissing you.

10. Confidence

Just like wearing a new outfit with pride, or giving a presentation at work or school, confidence is the key to a hot makeout session. You’re exchanging so much energy with one another, it’s easy to feel other different types of energy, which could turn one or both of you off. If you feel confident in any move you make, even if you have no clue what you’re doing, it can help increase the confidence in your partner and make them feel more comfortable with you. The more comfortable both parties are, the feeling of wanting to have an even hotter makeout session again rises with that as well.

10 Tips To Spice Up Your Next Makeout Session

Do any of these makeout moves send tingles down your spine? Which one would you try next? Leave a comment below!

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