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Tips to Save Space in Your Dorm

Tips to Save Space in Your Dorm

With the fall semester rapidly approaching, students everywhere—new and returning—are packing up and getting ready to make the move from their spacious homes to microscopic dorms. My, what seemed to be a small bedroom has never felt so large. Dorm rooms, closets and bathrooms are notorious for being the most cramped and hard to decorate rooms you will ever inhabit. Here are some tips to help you save space in your dorm room as well as some blood, sweat, and tears.

Go Up

In dorms, you are going to have more vertical space than you will horizontally. It’s so crucial to take advantage of all of that empty space that you can! Try to stack shelves, tubs and crates on top of each other rather than next to each other to make the most of the vast vertical space. Choosing to loft your bed can also create a great deal of space that you wouldn’t have otherwise. A lofted bed gives you room to put your desk under your bed, opening up more space in your room. If you’re not totally committed to the height that lofting will give you try a half loft, it’s not as high but still gives you some extra space for storage.


A messy room is a small room. The more organized you are—or try to be—the cleaner, more open your space will be. Keep all of your clothes and miscellaneous items packed away in tubs, drawers and shelves. This’ll save space around your room and keep all of your clothes off the floor. Pick up some desk storage to keep your work space mess-free. Everything in your dorm should have its own place.


Space Bags

I know, they look tacky and seem complicated but they really do work. For bulky things like extra bedding, towels and jackets that you know you don’t need just yet, fill up some space bags and suck out all of that pesky extra air. I promise. It’ll save you space and keep things clean!


Keep your room clean! A clean dorm room is going to look and feel better. The cleaner your room is, the more organized it will feel. The more organized you are, the less clutter you will have taking over all of your floor and desk. Keeping your room clean and organized will not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but it will also make the room look and feel larger.


Don’t bring your entire wardrobe to college. Only bring the clothes that climate demands for the next two to three months. You can always ship things home and receive more as the semester goes on. You won’t have enough space for all of your crop tops, riding boots and ski jackets together in your dorm. Only bring what you need.


Don’t bring all of your accessories and expensive pieces of jewelry. Dorm rooms are known for hardly ever being locked and not having the best hiding spots. If it’s worth too much to lose, don’t risk it being stolen.

See Also

Do not bring two TVs, microwaves and mini fridges. Sharing is caring, especially with your roommate.


Do not over decorate your dorm. Yes I know, dorm rooms are ugly and plain, and it’s important to add your own style and some comfort, but don’t bring three chairs, ten pillows and five body mirrors. You don’t need it, nor will you have room for it in your dorm. It will be hard not to be able to pick where you want to sit and what mirror you want to look in today but I promise, you’ll thank me later.

I hope some of these tips save your life, or at least your semester. Don’t pack up your entire bedroom, make your dorm an extension of it. Let us know how you’re saving space in your room! Comment down below or tweet us @SOCIETY19!