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8 Tips To Save Money While Traveling

8 Tips To Save Money While Traveling

8 Tips To Save Money While Traveling

We all know traveling can be expensive. From hotels to food to getting from A to B, the cost soon adds up. But with this article, we will give you the essential 8 Tips To Save Money While Traveling.

1. Pre-Trip Budgeting

This is the hardest and boring part but the secret to success! Before any trip, check your overall spend allowance and divide it up into days. Subtract any essential expenditures such as hotels, meals, Uber fares and excursions you want to do. It’s probably best to pre-book any accommodation so you can shop about for the best price and location. Websites such as, Hostelworld, and Airbnb are great for some cheaps deals. And for flights, there are no cheaper bargains then your trusty Skyscanner.

8 Tips To Save Money While Travelling

2. Picking The Hotel/Hostel

Of course, there are different types of holidays (city breaks, beach getaway etc), and each holiday you’ll have a different budget. But when saving money while traveling, its best to book a hotel or hostel that’s closest or in the center of where you want to explore. Check out Pinterest or Instagram for some cool locations and shots for your perfect getaway. Don’t get overly picking with your stay because 9 times out of 10 you’ll only be resting your head in your room and the rest of the day you’ll be out exploring. Just make sure it’s safe and has the basics.

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3. Research

It’s always a bonus to do a bit of googling before you set sail. This is to just generally get a low-down on the place you’re traveling to. To save money look for average taxi prices, food, and drink prices so you know you’re not being scammed or paying above-and-beyond for a vodka lemonade. This will also give you a good idea if your daily budget will keep you afloat.

4. Meals

If you’re looking to save money on your travels food will always eat away at your pennies. This is where you think smart to save money. Although the food gives you the experience of a culture of the place you are visiting, eating out at a new restaurant every meal isn’t necessary. Depending on your budget, a meal out a couple times in your trip duration will give you a taste of their staple cuisines. If you’re really on a budget, the supermarket will be your saving grace. Buying foods like pasta and sandwiches create easy and quick meals on the go, while you explore the sights at a fraction of the price.

5. Flexi- Dates

Being flexible with your flight dates is the ultimate money saver when traveling. Avoid any main holiday periods because you’ll see the price triple! Hotels and excursions will also see a peak in prices. The best times to save money is book is the off-season. Not only will the holiday be less crowded with tourists and visitors, but you’ll also be paying £300 for a week instead of £700.

8 Tips To Save Money While Travelling

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6. Do You Really Need It?

This should be a frequent question you ask yourself while saving money! From clothes to merchandise, the question is Do You Really Need It? I can guarantee the answer will be no. These days what you can buy in that country, you’ll probably be able to get online and shipped back home at a later date. When traveling on a budget you need to travel light. No pointless spends on a new skirt you’ll only wear once.

7. Free Excursions

The budget travelers best friend. Free excursions or sightseeing are everywhere – you just need to look. There’s plenty of free landmarks and quirky places to visit, and you don’t need a tour guide to do it. Again, do your research and ask your accommodation or locals for help and directions, I bet you can spend your entire trip doing free fun activities that don’t pinch your budget.

8 Tips To Save Money While Travelling

8. Pack Light

For any real backpacker, you know this is the key. When possible, only take your hand luggage, as soon as you start piling on the kg ticket prices will rack up. There’s no need to be packing your entire wardrobe for a weeks getaway. This smart and just the basics. If in doubt you can buy things out there.

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