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10 Tips to Quickly Improve Your Mood

Do you feel irritable or somber and have no idea how to turn your day around? Do you want to release yourself from unnecessary stress or worries? Try one of these tips to quickly improve your mood and eliminate any bad energy weighing you down!

1. Drink Water

This may not seem like a way to lift your spirits, but your hydration levels can actually significantly affect your mood! Dehydration is more common than you think, according to this UCONN article: mild dehydration sets in when you lose 1.5% of your body’s normal water volume, which can happen quickly. In fact, you are most likely already feeling the negative physical and mental symptoms of dehydration before you even begin to feel thirsty. 

Staying properly hydrated can help you clear your head and improve your overall mood. According to a study published in PLOS One, a Public Library of Science peer-reviewed journal, when adults decrease their water intake, their positive emotions, calmness, and feelings of satisfaction detrimentally decrease as well. On the same note, drinking more water reduces feelings of confusion and fatigue. 

So if you’re feeling irritated, unhappy, or just plain uncomfortable; try drinking a large glass of water. Even if you’re not dehydrated, it will most likely help you feel a lot better!

2. Send Someone a Nice Text

Right now you’re feeling down, and chances are, someone you know is too. So pick a friend who might need a little pick me up and send them a heartwarming compliment. Let them know why you think they are an amazing person and why you feel lucky to have them in your life. This small act of kindness will not only lift their spirits — it will raise your own too. 

3. Write down three things you are grateful for

You’ve probably heard about gratitude journals and the powerful positive influence they can have on your life and it’s true! So, when you feel bothered or down, write down a few things you are grateful for and you will feel your mood improve. 

You don’t have to list everything you should be grateful for — just list three things that speak to you in the moment. Maybe you’re grateful for that delicious cup of coffee or the birds chirping outside. Reminding yourself of simple and joyful things in your life can be incredibly uplifting. 

4. Dance to Your Favorite Song

Busting a move will ALWAYS improve your mood — guaranteed; no exceptions. If you don’t believe me, check out this article!

Even if you are just doing some arms waves from your desk or couch, getting some dancing in will help ease your stress and lift your spirit. So get up and dance your worries away! 

5. Go For a Walk

Sometimes going for a walk is the best way to clear your head. A change of scenery can be key to boosting your energy. Also, raising your endorphins is an excellent way to relieve stress and improve your mood. Read this article to learn more about the comprehensive benefits of taking a walk. 

6. Make Travel Plans

Sometimes we feel down because we feel trapped and unhappy in our routine. A good way to rupture the monotony of day-to-day life is by making travel plans. If you’re trying to quickly improve your mood, picture a place you have always wanted to go to and imagine a scenario in which you will be there within the next year. Or, make tentative plans with friend.

Often, the travel plans we make never come to fruition — life and responsibilities get in the way. But, you still enjoy the time you spend making these plans — especially in times like these when everyone is, to a certain extent, trapped. 

7. Eat Something Green

Taking care of your physical health is crucially important for your mental well-being. When I’m feeling down or low on energy, I eat a few handfuls of spinach — and it actually works! In fact, it’s a better pick-me-up than a cup of coffee! 

According to a Harvard Health Blog, about 95% of the neurotransmitter serotonin (which helps regulate sleep and appetite) is created in your gastrointestinal tract. Seratonin is also a key factor in balancing your mood and emotions. Therefore, the wellbeing of your digestive system plays a big role in the wellbeing of your mind. Eating nutrition-packed foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can have an incredible impact on your happiness. As mentioned in the same article, people who live on healthy diets, also known as “traditional” diets, often have a lower risk of depression.

Read the full article here for helpful tips and more comprehensive information about the correlation between diet and happiness.

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8. Laugh

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “laughter is the best medicine?” In fact, there is a massive amount of evidence proving laughter can actually enhance your mental and physical health. Read more about the health benefits of laughter here!

Get yourself to laugh by looking for something funny online or by reaching out to someone who you typically laugh with. Or, just start laughing out of nowhere — however unnatural it may feel, it actually works!

9. Rest

Getting an adequate amount of rest will always make you feel better. So if you’re feeling down, try taking a quick nap or a restful break from what you are doing. This will help you get your head in a better space.

According to studies, the optimal amount of time for napping is 10 to 20 minutes. Around 90 minutes — the length of one sleep cycle — can also be ideal; however, napping for 30 to 60 minutes will just leave you confused and groggy. If you’re looking for a quick mood boost, 10 minutes is all you need!

10. Treat Yourself

Treat Yo’ Self — it’s the best day of the year! 

If you’re really feeling down, improve your mood by doing something nice for yourself that you wouldn’t normally do. Buy yourself something nice — within reason of course — and enjoy it guilt-free!

Did you find any of these tips helpful? Share your own ideas for helping you to improve your mood below!

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