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8 Tips To Prevent UTI’s That You Absolutely Need To Try

8 Tips To Prevent UTI’s That You Absolutely Need To Try

These tips to prevent UTI's are life changing when you stick to them. No girl wants an annoying and painful UTI, so check out these prevention methods!

If you’ve ever had a UTI before you can identify the symptoms a mile away. The slightest tinge of burning or a weird urge to pee right after you went and *ding ding* you know you’ve got a UTI. No pain matches the pain of a urinary infection. Every time you pee, tears well up in your eyes and you just want to scream because it hurts so bad. And what makes it worse is that you have to go constantly. When you’re not peeing in excruciating pain, you’re probably wobbling around because you’re so uncomfortable simply existing. Thankfully, it’s not too hard to rid yourself of a UTI. By clearing out your system by peeing consistently and taking medicine (honestly, AZO works just as well as prescription meds) you should be able to cure it in a few days. But you know what would be better than fast relief? No pain at all! That’s why it’s important to always be doing preventative measures if you’re even slightly prone to UTIs. Here are eight of the best tips to prevent UTI’s to make sure you don’t get another one, ever!

1. Pee before AND after sex

This is the biggest factor for how I personally get UTIs. Peeing both before and after can be a little difficult, so at the very least pee afterward. That way you clear your vagina of all that nasty bacteria! If I wait even 30 minutes to go to the bathroom after sex I’ll start to feel that familiar twinge of a UTI. I know it sucks because this cuts post-sex cuddling down big time, but you gotta do what ya gotta do! This is one of the most vital tips to prevent UTI’s.

2. Practice good hygiene

This is just a good rule of thumb, in general, to keep your junk clean. Make sure you don’t use to harsh of cleansers down there and especially don’t douche! Also, keep any sex toys sanitized to make sure there’s not a bunch of bacteria floating around your vag. Finally, your partner needs to stay cleanly as well. If you’re mixing your juices with someone who’s nasty then you’re bound to get an infection. This is one of the tips to prevent UTI’s that should be pretty standard.

3. Drink that water

It’s completely normal for some bacteria to get all up in you, so it’s important to continuously flush it out. That’s why it’s so important to drink your daily dose of water! Drinking eight cups of water is recommended every day. By drinking all that water, you’ll pee a lot and keep your blatter in good shape.

4. Get your probiotics

By ingesting foods with lots of probiotics, you’ll be replenishing your naturally occurring bacteria in your body. That way, you’ll be less likely to get a blatter infection. Some foods to put into your diet rich of probiotics are yogurt, kombucha and pickles!

5. Wipe correctly

Hopefully, you’ve been taught the right way to wipe by now. But just in case you haven’t, wipe front to back. I repeat front to back. If you go from back to front, you’ll be bringing all that nasty gunk up into your vagina and no one wants that. Also, make sure that you only wipe once per piece of toilet paper! This is one of the most crucial tips to prevent UTI’s.

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6. Wear breathable undies

If you wear super tightfitting panties that don’t let your vagina breath, you’re just asking for trouble. Instead, opt for a nice pair of cotton underwear for everyday wear. Save the sexy stuff for special occasions!

7. Don’t use pads

If you can, use tampons or products like them for when you’re on your period. Pads keep the vaginal opening area moist and allow for heaps of bacteria to fester. It’s important to keep it nice and dry and aired out to limit the chances of causing an infection.

8. Avoid baths

A hot and soapy bath is fine after a stressful day at work, but for everyday life, take showers. When you’re sitting in bathwater, you might feel relaxed but you’re actually just soaking in your own filth. Said filth has super easy access to your urinary tract when you’re in the tub, so beware.

Which of these tips to prevent UTI’s are you going to try? Let us know below.

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