10 Tips To Prepare Yourself For College Move In Day

move in day, 10 Tips To Prepare Yourself For College Move In Day

Getting ready to move into college can be the most exciting thing! You have probably been preparing for this moment all summer, trying to figure out how you want to decorate your room, buying food and school supplies, and how you’re gonna fit everything in the car! Many colleges and universities have a certain system they use for freshman moving into the dorms. For the most efficient move in, here are some tips that I learned from my freshman move in day!

1. Be Prepared

When you arrive to your dorm on move in day, the last thing you want is to be unorganized and stressed. Make this easy on yourself and pack the car efficiently. Put all of your clothes in labeled boxes as well as most of your other items. From room decor to kitchen items and even food, put them in a labeled box or bag to make it easier to find. You will most likely only have a few minutes to unpack the car depending on the university so, make sure you bring at least one other person to help you carry all your belongings to your room!

10 Tips To Prepare Yourself For College Move In Day

2. Do Not Over Pack

Although it might be tempting to pack your whole room and more, try your best not to over do it. The last thing you want is to overpack your room and take up the whole space. If you are sharing a room with a roommate, then you might want to discuss and plan which space is yours and hers. Don’t forget that you can always order things when you get there if you need more or you can have your parents send you certain things you might want. If anything, pack the essentials and then you can figure out what you need once you are done unpacking everything.

10 Tips To Prepare Yourself For College Move In Day

3. Wear The Appropriate Outfit

Now we all want to come into college looking our best, but move in day might now be the best day to wear those nice sandals and your favorite outfit. Since move in is during the summer, it’s most likely going to be hot and you will be moving in heavy boxes and trying to get everything together. Trust me, you will sweat! Do not count on the elevators to bring you up and down to your room because everyone else is thinking the same. You will want to wear sneakers and a comfortable outfit. Some dorms do not come with AC so a t-shirt and athletic shorts might be your best bet!

10 Tips To Prepare Yourself For College Move In Day

4. Get Their Before Your Roommates

Try your best to find out what time your roommate is going to move in and then try to get there before. This can be less pressure for you and who ever is helping you move in. You will be able to claim the bed you want and unpack without worrying about the space your are taking. When more people are in the room it can be stressful so having a few minutes to yourself to unpack everything can be a lot more relaxing.  

10 Tips To Prepare Yourself For College Move In Day

5. Have A Toolbox Handy

If you are like me and bought a ton of wall decor, then you will definitely be needing a tool box. Some dorms have a rule about hanging nails on a wall so make sure you check before you get hammering away! Having a toolbox can come in so handy for hanging things up or even adjusting the hight of your bed. Your roommate might be in need of some too. Have your parents pack you a small one before you go to school and keep it in your closet, there might be a day that this comes in very handy!

10 Tips To Prepare Yourself For College Move In Day

6. Get Your Roommates Information 

Meeting your roommate for the first time can be so exciting! Don’t forget to get their number and information. Talk to them and get to know them a little. It might be hard to have a whole conversation while you’re trying to move in, but try your best to help each other out with unpacking and decorating. This can make things less awkward and be more fun for the both of you! 

10 Tips To Prepare Yourself For College Move In Day

7. Bring Snacks

Trust me, the one thing you’ll be wanting during move in is water and some snacks. Moving into a dorm can be hours of bringing boxes upstairs and unpacking everything. You will definitely be wanting water and food during this. Staying hydrated is so important since it will be hot. You may not have enough time to walk to the nearest dining hall or restaurant during the day, so packing snacks can be handy. This will make move in day a whole lot better. 

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10 Tips To Prepare Yourself For College Move In Day

8. Go Grocery Shopping

When you are done unpacking all of the stuff in your room, don’t kick your parents out immediately, take them with you to the grocery store. This might be the last time for a while that they will pay for all of your groceries, so take advantage of the opportunity and go grab all of the food you will need. Stocking your dorm up is super important. You can even coordinate with your roommate to split the amount of groceries.  

10 Tips To Prepare Yourself For College Move In Day

9. Try To Make Friends With Your Hall Mates

Moving into your dorm can be really overwhelming at first. There are so many new faces and things going on that you might not have the opportunity to meet other people. Try leaving your dorm door open and talking to your neighbors! You will be living next to them for the rest of the year so why not get to know them! You might be surprised who you will make really good friends with. The dorms are the perfect spot to make new friends, especially the people on your floor. There is this weird connection between people who live in the some dorm on the same floor. Try your best to venture out and talk to some new people! 

10 Tips To Prepare Yourself For College Move In Day

10. Stay Positive

Move in day can be very stressful for some people. If you are coming from out of state it might be harder to find the right dorm, or even area for move in information. You could also be trying to get all your boxes out of the car as fast as possible which can be tiring. My advice for you is to take things slow and enjoy the day! You only get one freshman move in day and you want it to be filled with good memories. The emotions are high as parents are sending their kids off and saying goodbye. Although you might want your parents to go as soon as you get unpacked, don’t be frustrated with them, try to understand that they are sad to say bye and want you to be settled in your room. Going into the day with a positive attitude is the most important thing. Remember, just take your time and make the most of the busy day!

10 Tips To Prepare Yourself For College Move In Day

College move in day can be overwhelming for some, if you have some tips on how you got through it, let us know in the comments! 

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