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5 Tips To Pack Light For Your Next Vacation

5 Tips To Pack Light For Your Next Vacation

5 Tips To Pack Light For Your Next Vacation

How many times have you returned from your vacation, unpacked your bags, and realized you didn’t use half the stuff you packed? Think of all that extra weight you carried and dragged along the entire trip. It feels incredibly satisfying to pack all the right stuff you need, no less and no more. Here are five tips to pack light for your next vacation!

Pick the Right Bag

Start right by picking a smaller sized bag instead of the biggest suitcase you own. The smaller your bag the easier it is to carry plus it restricts the total amount of stuff you can pack. This will also help you spend less on souvenirs which usually end up lying in a corner of your home.

If your vacation includes day trips, you might want to carry a comfortable day pack that you can squish in your carry-on until you need it!

5 Tips To Pack Light For Your Next Vacation


Do some research about your vacation destination. Learn about the type of climate and be mindful of the season so you can pack light accordingly. Will there be a facility of pure drinking water, or will you have to carry a water purification system? Does the place tend to get chilly during the evenings?

Think of the equipment you may need for the activities you have planned and find out if you need to pack basic toiletries too. Such questions and basic research will help you narrow down your luggage!

5 Tips To Pack Light For Your Next Vacation

Make Thoughtful Clothing and Footwear Choices

While packing, try to pick clothes that are low maintenance, easy to layer, and fit right. Using multi-purpose items like pants that can be zipped off to become shorts, helps save on space and kills two birds with one stone.

Carrying things that need to be dry cleaned after one use or those super amazing pieces of clothing you have been trying to fit in for months will only take up unnecessary extra space. Instead, pack light clothing like scarfs that can be thrown in your day bag and keep you comfortable regardless of the type of weather.

Wearing your heaviest and bulkiest clothes and shoes during travel also helps you cut down on some extra space!

Let Technology be Your Advantage

For all the book lovers out there, do you carry a bunch of books each time you travel? Think of all the extra weight it adds. Consider using an e-reader instead, like a Kindle.

You can explore services such as Amazon Prime that offer access to the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library that lets the reader check out books without having to purchase them. Using other means of technology like your phone’s flashlight, camera, maps, and notepads can further cut down on the extra weight you would instead be carrying.

5 Tips To Pack Light For Your Next Vacation

Switch to Lighter Options

After you put together all the stuff you’ll need during your trip, do some simple swapping. You can switch a pair of heavy jeans with leggings or lighter trousers that will take up less space.

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A coat can also be substituted for a sporty zip jacket which is lighter but serves the same purpose. Do the same with your footwear so you save space without having to cut down on your wardrobe options!

5 Tips To Pack Light For Your Next Vacation

Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Do laundry! As much of a turn off as it may sound, think of all the hassle it’ll save you. Bring or buy laundry detergent, or consider laundry options available at your destination.

You can also find small travel detergent packs that barely take up any space in your bag. Especially for your daily wear undergarments, socks and any activewear that you would need to set aside after a single use.

Fill up a sink or a bathtub, a bucket would be great, and hand wash these basic items. This also avoids stinking up your baggage and leads to lesser work once you are back home and busy.

5 Tips To Pack Light For Your Next Vacation

Let us know in the comments below what you do to travel light!

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