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8 Tips To Overcoming Your Fear Of Confrontation

8 Tips To Overcoming Your Fear Of Confrontation

Having a fear of confrontation can be a hard thing to overcome, especially when you need to confront someone. Here are tips on how to conquer it.

We live in a world filled of drama and debates. Many people have a fear of confrontation due to not being able to express their feelings without a poker face or the fear of ruining a relationship. All types of relationships will experience some sort of confrontation or argument, whether its a platonic or romantic relationship. You can’t run away from confrontation because you’re bound to experience it in life. Life and relationships are not perfect, so always be ready to speak up and express your thoughts and emotions. If you struggle with delivering a message or afraid to open up to friends about a situation, don’t worry you’re not alone! Here are some tips to overcome your fear of confrontation!

Don’t Let Issues Marinate!

Letting issues or situations dangle around will cause major tension to those involved in the drama. Letting issues marinate can lead into major arguments or even a fight! It’s better to settle the issue early. No one wants to be yelled at or get punched in the face. Some situations in life require you to be early! Never let the issues marinate because tension will lead to more issues and drama! This is a tip to overcome a fear of confrontation.

8 Tips To Overcoming Your Fear Of Confrontation

Never Confront Through The Phone!

We’ve all dealt with someone who feels the need to confront someone through text! I personally hate text confrontation because people read messages differently. It’s better to confront in person! Confronting in person is a better option due to being able to see body language and hear their tone. Talking on the phone is another option! Having a phone conversation can help better the situation because you’ll hear that person’s vocal tone. Having a video chat session can be used as a way to confront with being far apart. You’ll get the same experience, if you were to confront in person.

8 Tips To Overcoming Your Fear Of Confrontation

Prepare Mentally

It’s best to prepare yourself to any outcome of this confrontation. Someone confronting a cheating partner will be very emotional. Depending on the angle of the confrontation, there will either be crying or screaming. Let out all your emotions and show that person how much of a badass you are! If you gotta show your emotions, just let it all out. This can be applicable for people dealing with disloyal friends. Let out all your thoughts and emotions, if things don’t work out in the end than it wasn’t meant to be! This is a tip to overcome a fear of confrontation.

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Have A Moderator

There’s pros and cons to having someone moderate confrontation. A pro is being able to state your idea and making sure no one gets heated. The con of a moderator is that person being included in the issue. Some people may feel the need to involve the moderator into the drama to make them seem innocent or make someone seem as the bad guy. You must pick someone who isn’t bias of those who have an issue with one another. Having the right moderator will make things easy.


Take the time to let the person tell your point of view and idea to the situation. Listening to the person will show that you genuinely want to fix things! Most importantly, listening will give you a better understanding of why there’s an issue in the first place! This is a tip to overcome a fear of confrontation.

8 Tips To Overcoming Your Fear Of Confrontation

Confrontation can be hard to deal with but you can overcome it! These tips will help you be ready for any situation.Do you have a fear of confrontation? Are there any other tips to overcome a fear of confrontation? Comment below and share with your friends!
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