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5 Tips To Nail An Internship You Need To Know

5 Tips To Nail An Internship You Need To Know

5 Tips To Nail An Internship You Need To Know

Getting an internship can be a big deal, especially since it takes hard work and perseverance to get one. But it can be difficult to know where to start, and it can be very scary. I spent a lot of time working hard and doing a lot of research to find the perfect internship for me, and before I knew it I had done what I thought was impossible: nail an internship. Now, I am using what I’ve learned to help you do what I did a little easier. Here are 5 tips to nail an internship!

1. Research

Aim high. You can do it! Do your research and see what opportunities are out there. Take the field that you want to work in and then start looking for anything and everything that is offered. Make a list of all of these, and then start to narrow it down to the ones that truly interest you. But seriously, take note of all of these, because if there are not many options, you want to go for the one that isn’t super intriguing. Why would you go for an internship that doesn’t interest you? Because if there is nothing that really does, any experience is experience, and all experience is great. You learn from everything that you do, especially an internship. However, keep looking and if you find something that really catches your eye, then that’s amazing. Work for it!

5 Tips To Nail An Internship You Need To Know

2. Look at the requirements

Once you find that internship that sounds like the dream internship, start to focus more on it. If you want to nail an internship, you have to put in the work. Look at all of the requirements that they have stated. If you don’t meet the requirements, work to meet them. Take note of all of the requirements and then start to see what you can do to make those requirements something that you have.

3. Fill your resume

It’s better to be overqualified than underqualified. See what you can do to fill your resume. Do some more volunteering, this will show that you care about others and want to help. Get a part-time job, this will show that you can manage your time, going to school and working, which will show that you will be able to give them the dedication that they need while still doing what you need to do for school! Join clubs that relate to your field. This will show that you are dedicated to what you are working towards. Find things to do that will fill your resume. Show them that you are really ready to work hard for what you want!

5 Tips To Nail An Internship You Need To Know

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4. Reach out with any questions

If something about their internship program confuses you, reach out. Call them. Let them know about any questions or concerns that you might have. Email them, this way, they will recognize your name later when you apply as well. This way, later when they are looking at your application, they will recognize you as the person who reached out. This will show your determination to get this position.

5. Apply

This is the easy part! You have put in the work to see what you need, you filled your resume, and you have put your name on their radar. Now, it’s time to actually apply. Sometimes an application is simply sending your resume. Sometimes they ask for more. Whatever it is, do the absolute best that you can do. Make sure that you keep track of when the deadlines are, and submit your application as early as you can. Don’t wait until the last minute. Once you are done with your application, you are truly done! All you do now is wait. You have done the absolute most that you can, and even if you don’t get this one, there are others, so don’t feel discouraged. You got this!

5 Tips To Nail An Internship You Need To Know

I used these tips when I applied to my internships and I got two! If you have any other tips that will help you nail an internship, let us know in the comments down below!

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