5 Tips To Make Your Dorm Room Oozing With Autumn Vibes

The leaves are falling and outside your dorm room looks like an Autumn wonderland filled with red and orange. The only problem is that inside your dorm room is the same bland Blink-182 poster that’s been there all year… Follow this guide to spice up your dorm room this fall with seasonal vibes!

1. Autumn leaf fairy lights

Regular fairy lights might keep any dorm room or apartments feeling bright and year-round, but adding some leaves on the bulbs creates a whole new vibe! Whether you go out and find the leaves yourself (time for an adventure hunting the perfect leaves), or you go to your nearest craft shop and buy some pre-made ones, this simple touch looks amazing around any mirror or hung in a fun pattern on any wall. Add some pictures on the strings to make it a wall of memories as well!

5 Tips To Make Your Dorm Room Oozing With Autumn Vibes

2. Wood slice art

This one is perfect because it gets your creative juices flowing! Just go out and buy some wood slices or cut your own wood, buy some paint and have at her! You can paint a cute welcoming pumpkin like the picture below or whatever you’d like! A really cute idea for this too, one a simple youtube tutorial would help with, is to Mod Podge printed pictures onto the wood slice for a very unique canvas for your favorite pics! Anything you put on these fun wood slices will surely have your friends saying how awesome they are and if you could make one for their dorm room too! So I hope you bought a little extra paint because I sense a craft night coming your way soon!

5 Tips To Make Your Dorm Room Oozing With Autumn Vibes

3. Fall colored bedding

If you’re bored of the same black sheets you’ve had for years, this may be the perfect time for you to head over to Bed, Bath & Beyond to go on the hunt for a new bedspread! Find some sheets and a duvet cover you like best that share colors with the poor leaves that have their branches to hang on. Now every night you can cuddle up to the season itself surrounding by red, orange, and brown! Make sure you don’t throw away your other sheets though, come Winter you may not want to be rocking that bright orange duvet and matching throw pillows you bought in September…

5 Tips To Make Your Dorm Room Oozing With Autumn Vibes

4. Tree branch jewelry holder

If you’re someone who owns a lot of jewelry, this may not just be a decorative piece to you, but a useful one! Either head down to a craft store and find one, or take a walk in the park to find a snazzy branch that you think would look nice nailed to a wall or place in a pot with some pebbles. Once you’ve got it set up, start hanging your jewelry! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anything! This piece will look great in any dorm room or bathroom and make it much easier to find all of your accessories whilst satisfying that need to be seasonal this Fall!

5 Tips To Make Your Dorm Room Oozing With Autumn Vibes

5. Scented candles

Finally the icing on the cake. Whether you’ve followed the list and gotten everything we’ve suggested, or this is the only thing you want to do, walking into your dorm room to the smell of pumpkin spice is amazing! Pumpkin spice is the mainstream classic Fall smell, but another great option is cedarwood candles. Anytime you or anyone comes into your wicked dorm room, they’ll be washed over with a breathtaking aroma that they won’t soon forget.

5 Tips To Make Your Dorm Room Oozing With Autumn Vibes

These are our favorite ways to have your dorm room scream Autumn. Let us know in the comments how you like to keep your dorm room seasonal!

Featured image:https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/503488433337831243/
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