10 Tips To Make Job Hunting Less Stressful

10 Tips To Make Job Hunting Less Stressful

Job hunting can be one of the most exhausting stages of your life. Whether you have just left school, graduated uni, or just between jobs, it is always a struggle to find a new career. Here are ten tips to make the job-hunting process less stressful.

1. Sign Up To An Agency

Some people can be a bit dismissive of job search agencies but they can play a vital part in securing you the job you want. Do a search online for job agencies and look for ones who specialize in the field you are looking for. They will ask for a profile of who you are, what skills you have, and what job you are looking for. If they get word of a vacancy that may suit you, they will call you up. This makes it far easier to find job adverts that match who you are.

10 Tips To Make Job Hunting Less Stressful

2. Make It Your Job, Not Your Life

People will tell you that when you are unemployed, job hunting should become your job. This is completely true, but not having set hours or a workplace in order to job hunt can quickly cause it to take over your life. Instead, set yourself specific timeframes each day to search for jobs and write applications. Do not look outside of these hours. Give yourself time off in the evenings and weekends like anyone else who works a 9-5 job. 

3. View All Applications And Interviews As Experience

It can become really disheartening when you find yourself constantly preparing for interviews, psyching yourself up, trekking to the location and sitting through the questions, only to then find out that you have not been successful in getting the job. However, you should not see this as a bad thing. Every job application you fill out and interview you attend is a good learning experience. Eventually, that experience will pay off and you will land the job you want.

10 Tips To Make Job Hunting Less Stressful

4. Buy Some Interview Clothes

There is nothing more stressful than finally receiving word that you have an interview lined up, only to realize that you don’t have any clothes in your wardrobe that are suitable to wear! To combat this, take yourself on a shopping spree and buy a few outfits that will make you stand out at your interviews. Make sure to look for bargains, you don’t want to use up all your money before you get the job.

5. Save A Copy Of Your CVs To Your Phone

As much as it is not healthy to constantly be looking up jobs on your phone whilst you are on the go, there will be the odd occasion when a job alert comes through or a friend sends you a heads up about a vacancy and you want to apply as soon as possible. As a result, make sure you have a copy of your CVs saved into the documents app on your phone. This will allow you to fire off your CV at a moment’s notice.

6. Broaden Your Search As Much As Possible

It can be hard when you have a career path in mind to look for jobs outside of that scope – but limiting your options will only limit your chances of securing a job. Make sure to cast your net as wide as possible. Sign up to as many job websites as you can find. Look for vacancies at all the companies you can think of. Message your friends and family to ask what vacancies they know of in their city. You never know, your dream job might be in the place you least expect!

10 Tips To Make Job Hunting Less Stressful

7. Get A LinkedIn Account

They often say in the corporate world that if you are not on LinkedIn, you might as well not exist. That is probably a bit of an exaggeration, but setting up a LinkedIn account can be a huge help in the job-hunting process. Not only can you set your profile to say that you are actively looking for a job, but it will also send you emails with job adverts that relate to your particular skill set. This will open up a whole range of job opportunities you will not find anywhere else, and your dream job might just be in there!

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8. Contact Companies Directly

It can be a bit daunting to send your CV directly to a company. You might feel as though you are being too forward or you are bothering the employees. This is so far from the truth. In reality, companies request those who make the bold choice to contact them. They might take you on a trail basis or keep your CV on file for when they next have a vacancy. Either way, it will make your chances of getting into a particular business much greater than simply waiting for an opening to pop up.

10 Tips To Make Job Hunting Less Stressful

9. Set Up Milestones 

Job hunting can take a lot longer than you may hope and it is important to set yourself deadlines and milestones for the process. If you are searching for your dream career, set a deadline for when you should stop searching exclusively for that job and start applying for other things. Consider your finances and how long you can sustain living without an income.

10. Reward Yourself

Job hunting is stressful, so do remember to reward yourself for your efforts. If you have sent off a fair number of applications in a day, celebrate with a glass of wine. Did you just survive a grueling interview? Go out for a nice latte and a cake at your favorite coffee shop. Do not be hard on yourself. Sometimes it feels as though you are alone in your struggle to find a job, but you are not. There are so many people in the same position. Go easy on yourself. Your day will come.

10 Tips To Make Job Hunting Less Stressful

Were these job hunting tips helpful to you? What advice do you have from the job-hunting process? Let us know in the comments!

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