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Tips To Lose Weight In College The Healthy Way

Living in college is hard and we all face the infamous freshman fifteen, which then quickly turns into the sophomore twenty, and so on. But losing weight or maintaining your weight in college is not as daunting as it seems. In fact, most weight gain in college is not due to unhealthy habits, but actually higher levels of stress. Keep reading for tips to lose weight in college the right way!

1. The first and last thing you drink everyday should be water.

This clears the toxins out of your body and boosts your metabolism. Instead of reaching for the coffee in the morning, reach for a glass of H20, and then indulge in your caffeine fix.


2. Walk to class

Most of us do this anyway, but sometimes we get lazy and ask for a ride or park on campus about half way. If you really cannot avoid driving because of where you live, maybe invest in a bike or park further away from your classes. You would be surprised what this little life change can do for your body.



3. Use a different chaser or mixer

Instead of using the Sprite, Mountain Dew, or Coke to help the drinks go down, try a less sugary option, such as cranberry juice, sparkling water, or a low-calorie orange juice (some orange juice can be loaded with sugar and calories, so be mindful). This simple fix will also have a bigger impact on weight loss.


4. Stop eating at midnight

Pulling an all-nighter is not foreign to a single college student out there, and ordering Dominoes at 12am may not be the smartest thing for your body. Not only does it screw with your metabolism, but you will have a harder time falling asleep due to the energy you are feeding your body, and carbs resting inside your body waiting to be burned off.


5. Put the phone down before bed.

Screens, such as computers and phones, have a special component that makes our brain think it is daytime outside. So instead of scrolling through social media or watching Netflix before bed, turn on the television or read a book or magazine. More sleep = a healthier mind and body, which both have a large effect on weight loss.


6. Make a gym schedule

This is an obvious way to loose weight, and it is hard to find motivation to go to the gym. Ask a friend to go with you if it helps, or even change up your workout playlist so it’s more exciting. Go to an exercise class or go for a run if that is more your style. Even if you can only make it to the gym 1-2 times a week, being on a schedule is healthy overall. Whatever you decide, stick to it.


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7. Drink black coffee (if you can)

For starters, no one will get your order wrong if you drink black coffee… But, coffee also contains 0 carbohydrates without anything added. Caffeine in coffee alone is good for weight loss because it gives your body just enough energy to burn off some extra pounds. What makes coffee unhealthy is the sugar and cream we load into it. If black is too strong, try to switch to soy or almond milk, which are both a sweeter option than skim.


8. Take the stairs

Even if your class, apartment, or dorm is on the top floor, take the stairs — a glute and thigh buster. You won’t even feel like you exerting much effort because you walk up and down stairs everyday, but trust me, it makes a difference.

9. Cut back on the carbs.

Carbohydrates are one of the biggest contributors to weight gain. Instead of eating a whole bowl of pasta, ask for a side portion. If you could avoid complex carbs all together (white bread, pasta, pizza, etc.), that would be ample. Cut back on the dressings and sauces on your food too. Eat as many whole foods as possible: hard-boiled eggs, fruits (some have a lot of carbs though), bell peppers, or celery. Veggies have carbs, but not the kind that is bad for you, so load up!


10. Take more breaks.

As mentioned before, stress is one of the biggest causes of weight gain because of the strain that is put on our body. Watch ONE episode of your favorite show every so often, and enjoy it without multitasking, then get back to work. Read a chapter of a book, go for a walk or to the gym, or grab yourself a snack (hopefully a healthy one) and eat it without working at the same time. Also, you tend to remember the first and last things you study the best, so the more breaks you take, the more first and last moments you’re going to have!


Do you have any other healthy tips to lose weight in college? Comment below!
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Alexandra Kamm

Alexandra is a finance and marketing major at the University of New Hampshire. Coffee connoisseur, tennis coach, and expert in the art of witty banter.

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