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Tips to Improve Your Study Habits

Tips to Improve Your Study Habits

As college students, our time is precious and we seem to never have enough of it. Classes, personal life, and even work can get very overwhelming as the semester starts to pick up. I’m going to give a little advice on how to help lower that stress and improve your study habits, just in time for those big exams.

Make a Study Schedule

A study schedule can be very useful when your day to day life is packed to the brim. Start by listing the hours in a day (you could use Excel), then fill in the hours with things that are nonnegotiable (like class hours, work schedule, etc.). Start working your way down the list and include meal times, work out times, and other necessities. Once you have filled in your daily basics, you will see you still have a few slots open throughout the week. This is where you can start making room for studying.

Make a Study Date

Set a time to study with a group of friends. This way you will feel more motivated to study since you will be with the company of others (which is much more fun than doing it alone). Also, they will most likely remind you of the study date, so there is no way you can forget.


Stay After Class

If you don’t have anything else to do after the class you need to study for, simply stay. No need to rush back to the dorm, or home, when you’re already in the zone from class. Not to mention, if the teacher happens to stay late as well, they might help you.

Set Reminders

Do you have a little extra time in between, or before classes? Look at your schedule and set a reminder in your phone to study. Usually when we are given extra time, we use it ineffectively and scroll through Facebook. Every second counts in college, so use it wisely.

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Sticky Notes

The old way of reminding yourself to do something is posting a million sticky notes all over your dorm, bathroom, or notebook. Grab neon green sticky notes and put them in a place you know you can’t avoid seeing without feeling guilty.

Having a study schedule is a very important part to succeeding in college; you just have to find the schedule that best fits your needs. Once you have everything planned out, you will notice an improvement in your study habits, and your life as a college student.

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