3 Tips To Improve Your Meditation Practice

Meditation practice dates back to approximately 1500 BCE. But even in the modern era, meditation is taking the world by storm and continues to shape mindfulness tactics. You don’t have to be religious to reap the benefits of this exercise. However, many people continue to incorporate a wide variety of religious beliefs into their practice. The beauty of meditation is that it is completely individualized. People can incorporate countless elements into their practice that promote their own form of mindfulness. The benefits of meditation include a reduction in stress, improved concentration and increased happiness according to the Huffington Post.

3 Tips To Improve Your Meditation Practice

Even with all of the good that meditation can bring, people struggle to dedicate themselves to this practice. College students and millennials have been deemed the most stressful generation yet and can benefit from some mindfulness. If you’re looking for a little more Zen in your life, here are three tips to improve your meditation practice while balancing the life of a college student.

1. Use Apps and Other Online Resources

Headspace is an app that has taken the world of meditation by storm. This app gives guided meditation practices for beginners and creates a unique plan for you. It also provides extensive research on the topic of meditation. Apps and programs such as Headspace are reinvigorating this ancient religious practice into the landscape of the modern era. A simple Google search into what meditation is could also help.

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2. Fill the Background

For many, peace and quiet is out of the ordinary. With the constant buzzing of phones and the fast-paced lifestyles students lead, complete peace and quiet can be impossible to find. Fill the background of your meditation with music or a guided meditation soundtrack. This background will help dictate where your mindfulness goes. Songs without lyrics or nature sounds are common forms of background music. However, white noise and smooth jazz are also viable options. Background noise may also help with a drifting mind. Allow yourself to get swept away with the songs and sounds in your headphones.

3. Meditation Classes

Do you still struggle to find peace of mind on your own time? Maybe you’re looking for something with a little more guidance. Consider attending meditation classes. Many gyms offer this as a group fitness option, including RecSports at UF. Look into the schedule of the gym closest to you and see what they offer in terms of meditation. In the same way that fitness classes encourage a commitment to completing a workout, signing up for a class in meditation is likely to do the same.

3 Tips To Improve Your Meditation Practice

The meditation classes at UF are typically very small, and the low lighting helps focus on your individual practice. These classes may also incorporate elements of yoga or tai chi into the meditation practice. These actually help aid in relaxation later in the class. Many students appreciate the guidance that this type of class provides. It can be a great starting point for someone new to meditation looking to establish it into their routine.

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Finding your inner peace doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult. By taking the time to learn about this ancient practice, you too may be able to find some Zen amidst your fast-paced life.  

Have you tried meditating? What is your meditation practice like? Let us know in the comments below!
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