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5 Tips To Help You Navigate High School

5 Tips To Help You Navigate High School

High school is not the easiest years of life for some of us. That does not mean that it can not be filled with great memories! In that time of your life, you are going through physical, mental and emotional changes. Its fair to say that it is a sensitive time in life. It is important to note that taking easy on yourself is something to consider when you are at that age level.

I remember being in high school thinking every little thing was the end of the world. I’m going to let you know it is not! That road can be a long one, so let’s get the best out of it. I hope by reading this, you can find a foundation to start building your experience on. There are few things that can help you along in this time of your life to make it easier and beneficial. So strap in your seat and let’s explore these tips to help you navigate the jungle of being in high school!

Focus on Your Grades

This one is a bit cliché, we’ve all heard people tell us that over and over. However, your grades is one of the most important aspects of high school and your future there after. Grades are essential for getting into a good college and obtaining a degree.


I wish when I was in high school, I had focused a little more on my grades. They weren’t bad but now that I know what they could have done for me, I would have stepped up my game even more! It is important to keep focus on your studies because there is a life after high school. There are distractions that can take you off course and that’s to be expected. Remember that good grades widens your options for your future. So here’s to a future unlimited! 

5 Tips To Navigate High School

Do Not Be Afraid To Express Yourself

Expressing yourself in high school years can be a hard thing to do. Hormones, friends, teachers, relationships and other factors grab at us in these years. It is important for you to express your emotions that are associated with these changes.


When I was high school, I wrote ALOT! I wrote anything from journal entries to stories and poetry. Tgis outlet helped me express whatever I needed to without putting me in an awkward position. I got express situations that were hard for me to talk about amongst other things.

You can express yourself in several different ways, another thing I used was fashion. I’m aware there are dress codes and some schools require uniform but you can still add things for your taste. There are sports and clubs that you can join where you may feel comfortable and open to expressing who you are! 

Remember High School Is Not The End

I can not stress this enough! High school has an end date. I know when you are going through it, it can feel never ending. I assure it does not last forever! When you are facing problems in this time, it will be sensitive. Boy/Girl drama feels so intense, grades dropping, alot of work due and trying to figure out yourself also. Remember to take a breath and release yourself of worry.


Yes, things are hard in the moment but moments pass. I remember being so overwhelmed about everything in that time to the point I would experience anxiety attacks. If I could go back, I would tell myself it all works out in the end. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take a break and know one day it will all be worth it.

Surround Yourself With Friends Who Are Good For You

Friends are big part of life, especially the high school experience. They support us, laugh with us, share classes and much more. If we are not careful, friends with the wrong ideas can influence us to do things and be someone we shouldn’t be. This can hurt our experience and ourselves altogether. We don’t need anymore stress than what classes already give us.

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It is important to choose friends who are supportive of you but are also not afraid to keep you in the right track. I’ve had my share of “friends” who have hooked up with my exes, try to stop me from doing good things, got jealous of good things happening for me and even fought me. Needless to say those were not friends but haters in disguise! Pay attention to actions more than words because that is the real truth!

5 Tips To Help You Navigate High School

Take Advantage Of The Resources That Are Available To You

Wooo! This one right here will help you lots! The smartest thing you can do to help your future besides grades is using the resources available to you. These resources are there to help you and ensure you success during and after high school. I wish I would have taken advantage of the resources that were available to me.


Ask your conselors about resources that will help your future. This will help you navigate what you want to do with adequate help. It may seem intimidating at first but its worth taking that risk. Doing this also helps you make connections for possible recommendations and opportunities. Involve yourself in various clubs to have something to put under your belt. Teachers, deans, security, principal and other staff are a wealth of information to lead you in the right direction.

5 Tips To Navigate High School

In high school there are going to be challenges that will make you feel like OMG. It is all normal. It is important to remember these tips so you won’t overwhelm yourself. 

I know firsthand how the experience of high school can be a tough road. Just know you are not the first or last person to navigate this wild jungle. Hold your head high. YOU GOT THIS!

Which tip will you use? Do you have any tips for high school? Let us know in the comments.

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