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10 Tips To Help Prepare You For A Power Outage

10 Tips To Help Prepare You For A Power Outage

Sometimes, power outages happen and we are stuck inside. These tips to help prepare you for a power outage are sure to keep your entertained!

With the abundance of rain we have been getting for the past couple of months in San Francisco, it is always good to have a plan of action. For some reason my block always is subject to power outages, which leaves my roommates and I bored out of our minds for hours. To prevent this from happening to others, here are 10 tips to help prepare you for a power outage, so you can make the most out of this temporary situation!

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1. Battery Operated Lights

A flashlight is always handy, but try battery operated string lights or a lamp. Just make sure you have batteries!


String Lights + Party Lights - Urban Outfitters:

2. Candles

Candles are always great to have because they smell good and make for some cute dorm room decor. If the power goes out, you will be prepared!

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3. Pre-downloaded Movie

Kill the time while watching a movie or show that you downloaded beforehand on your laptop, phone, tablet, etc. 

4. Portable Projector

Plug in your laptop to this battery operated projector, and make it a social gathering with your housemates.

Philips Wireless Picopix Pico Projector - Urban Outfitters:


5. Alcohol

When the power is out for hours on end and you’ve run out of things to do, you and your roommates can kick back and drink by the candles. Play some drinking games until the lights are back on!

6. Food

You’re going to get hungry, so always have some food or snacks on hand that does not require you to cook or reheat it.

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7. Games

Nothing like some good old fashioned card games or board games. Get alcohol involved like I said before and the power will be back on before you know it!

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8. Portable charger

To keep your electronics charged for your sanity’s sake and to snap all the cute things you’re doing in lieu of the power outage.


Pink Moon Portable Power Charger :|: Urban Outfitters USB with lights that look just like mine!:

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9. Music

Music is the perfect way to set the mood for a black out dance party with your roommates.


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10. Extra bedding

This is the perfect time to bring back the forts made of blankets and pillows from your childhood. Make a comfy area to eat and watch your movie!

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Do you have any other tips to help prepare you for a power outage!? Share in the comments below!

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