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10 Tips To Help Introverts Break Out Of Their Shell

Ever since the pandemic, it’s safe to say we’ve all become introverts. More and more people have gotten comfortable staying indoors and only talking to their roomies. On top of that, school/college has gone almost fully remote, extracurriculars have shut down, and even eating out has become as easy as pushing a button. But, things are changing! The world is starting to open up again, and so should you! Try these 10 tips to help introverts break out of their shell! 

1. In class, force yourself to answer a question once per week

For many of us, speaking in class is intimidating! And I know what you’re thinking, “what if I say the wrong thing and look dumb?”

I’m here to tell you, that literally 10 seconds after you talk in class, your peers have completely forgotten what you’ve said and have moved on. Trust me, answering one question here and it is good for you; not only will it give you those much-needed participation points, but it’ll also give you more confidence in your answers. You can do this!

2. Join a school club that interests you

Even if your school is remote, you can still join clubs! In fact, it’ll probably be easier meeting through Zoom calls, rather than introducing yourself to a large group of people face to face.

Joining a school club not only puts you in direct contact with potential like-minded friends, but it also looks great on your resume. So whether you’re passionate about climate change, or a die-hard Harry Potter fan, I promise there is a club on campus for you!

3. Try a new sport with a close friend

Sports have just started up again, and now is the perfect time to jump in! The great thing about sports is that for most of them, you need more than one person to play with, so you’re guaranteed to meet new people!  

Most colleges have division sports, but if you’re looking for some laid-back fun, consider joining a club sport instead. There’s still a good amount of competition and the commitment isn’t as demanding! And if a scheduled sport isn’t your thing, then go to your local sporting goods store and pick up some new equipment just to mess around with! From soccer and basketball to surfing and yoga, there’s definitely a sport out there where you can find your niche!

4. Get a puppy

Getting a puppy might just be the answer to many of your problems. While getting a new puppy is certainly a big commitment, just having a dog will naturally place you in social settings! Dogs need exercise, so if you’re on a beach walk or simply playing fetch at the dog park, you’ll find other people wanting to pet your dog. Use this to your advantage and chat with them!

Let’s look at the facts: Dogs are great conversation starters, they’ll get you out of the house, and they’re freakin’ adorable! WIN, WIN, WIN!

5. Go to a restaurant with a friend

Pandemic or not, this is something you can totally do! Most restaurants have adapted to the pandemic and added outdoor seating areas… This means there are no excuses, couch potatoes!

So instead of Uber Eats again, summon your courage, put on a bra, and go ask your bestie out to brunch. Trust me, after some avocado toast and a few mimosas, you’ll be making all kinds of new friends!

6. Make one phone call per week to a family member

Calling a family member is an easy way for introverts to work on their communication skills in a productive way. Not being able to travel this last year made it nearly impossible to visit family members. So, use your weekly call to make up for lost time, as well as improve your public speaking skills. Yes, I know speaking to Grandma isn’t the same as meeting a stranger, but I’m sure she’ll enjoy hearing your voice!

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7. Record yourself before a big presentation (or anytime you know you’ll have to speak in front of others)

Just because you passed speech class freshman year, doesn’t mean you’re done with public speaking! Talking in front of people is a staple skill at almost any job. So next time you know you’ll be leading a discussion or giving a presentation, ease your nerves by recording yourself, and then watch how you come across! Use your big girl voice and practice it again in front of your roomies. After you practice, you’ll feel more confident about speaking in front of other people!

8. Join a gym

As gyms start to open up again, consider being the first in line to join! Not only will you get to work out and get that bikini body you want for summer, but you’ll also be in a social setting! Gyms are a great way to meet people, and you can even take it a step further by joining one of your gym’s classes where you’re guaranteed to make friends! 

9. Expand your social circle using social media

Not quite ready to leave the house yet? Ok, but you can still make an effort to meet new people through social media. From within the comfort of your home, log in to Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter and start chatting! Even better, try creating a profile on a dating website! There are so many people right now trying to get out there and date online, so why not you? 

10. Treat yourself!

While it’s good to venture outside of your comfort zone, you also need to recognize how much progress you’ve made! This stuff isn’t easy, so treat yourself now and then for all of the hard work you’ve done. Reward yourself with a hobby you like to do as an introvert, or maybe just pig out with some ice-cream. Either way, you deserve it!

If you are an introvert, did any of these tips help you out? What do you do to get out of your comfort zone? Tell us your thoughts below!

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