10 Tips To Guarantee A Successful First Week Of College

10 Tips To Guarantee A Successful First Week Of College

The first week of college can be the most anxiety inducing week in your life, especially if you’re not prepared. The best first weeks often come from a sense of what’s happening and what’s going on. That’s why I came up with 10 tips to guarantee yourself a successful first week of college.

1. Go around and talk to people

Scary, I know. Just think of it as spending your first week of college introducing yourself to the new neighbors and multiply that by 300. But seriously, this little tip is beneficial mainly because there are going be campus leaders and clubs begging on their knees to meet new prospects. Don’t be afraid to make connections right off the back. Go for it, and shake a bunch of hands while you’re at it.

10 Tips To Guarantee A Successful First Week Of College

2. Visit your advisor

If you’re having trouble navigating through your schedule or trying to figure out how to transfer over to a new class, then a trip to the ol’ advising center wouldn’t be a bad idea. Your advisor is there to help you out during your first week. Take advantage of their time and ask about transfer hours, class issues, or even financial aid.

3. Purchase your books on time

Can’t tell you how times I regretted not purchasing my books before the first week of college. Not only does it causes you to be behind on your homework but it also forces you to either borrow or rent a textbook online. Don’t go down that rabbit hole. Purchase your books before the first week of college. Have them in your procession the moment you enter class.

10 Tips To Guarantee A Successful First Week Of College

4. Get to know who your professors are

You’re going to be spending 3-4 months with your professors, so why not start off strong by getting to know them. Talk with your professors about office hours, contact information, and even campus events they’re usually involved in. When it comes to making connections on the first week of college your professors should be the first people you should be thinking about.

5.  Make sure any financial aid issues are squared away

This should be done way before the semester begins, but every so often you might find issues with your financial aid processing. Better to get in front of it before these issues leave you without a class for the semester, or even paying out of pocket. Talk with your financial aid office about any issues you came across immediately.

6. Connect with your campus roommate

This is a no brainer for anyone planning to spend their first semester sleeping on campus. You’re going be stuck with whoever’s your roommate for quite a while. Be talkative. Be nice. Be respectful to your roommate. Don’t be the type of person who totally shuts his/her roommate out for the rest of eternity, it just isn’t cool.

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7. Log into your campus library

Depending on the school you may be granted access to a free library online database during your first week of college. The library is the number one tool in terms of research. Finding out how to use it to your advantage right away is essential for any student’s academic success. The first chance you get visit your campus library and learn how to log into their computers.

8. Learn how to get to campus on time

For those commuter students in Houston you know what I mean about learning how to get to campus on time. Google maps is your new best friend when it comes to this. That and, well, your free college metro card.

9. Write down a healthy workout regimen

It’s easy to fall into unhealthy campus eating, especially with all the fast food around. Plan out your semester by spending the first week writing out a healthy workout regimen. It be as simple as 3 days a week running after school. Perhaps 3 days working out at the campus gym. 2 days a week jogging from one part of the campus to another. Whatever can build your confidence during your first week of college.

10. Start a diary/journal

I’ll admit it, this is the English major coming out of me. I need to write down everything that comes to pass, even the smallest things. But this is a great way to document certain upcoming events that you may be interested in. You could also write down any concerns you might’ve had on the first week and try to come up with some solutions. A college diary is a perfect way just to let your thoughts flow onto the page.

10 Tips To Guarantee A Successful First Week Of College

What sort of first week of college activities and events you found helpful in the past? Comment below and be sure to share this around. Until next time.

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