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10 Tips To Getting Quality Sleep

If you’re looking to improve your mental health and physical wellness, then you need to consider the amount of quality sleep that you have been getting. Quality sleep in essential when it comes to living your best possible life and taking care of yourself. In my own experience, sleep has been the reason for many of my successes and positive mental health experiences. Of course, everyone is different and everyone’s body works in different ways; however, it is wild how much quality sleep can affect your everyday life!

1) Stay Off Screens Before Bed

This is a hard on to do because there always seems to be something going on on social media. However, this is a really helpful tip that can help improve your quality of sleep. There are studies that show that blue-light that comes from your screens is not the best to view right before you go to sleep. I have found that it usually leads to a more restless sleep and I’ll frequently wake up in the middle of the night when I use technology right before I fall asleep. Instead, read a book before bed! Do some homework. Meditate. Listen to music. Create something with your hands. Go on a walk. Give your brain enough time to relax before you go to sleep. 

2) Separate Your Rest Space

This one is so effective and especially helpful for college students or if you work from home. Make sure that you dedicate your bed and your bedroom as a place where you can relax. Subconsciously, your brain associates different places with a typical feeling that you feel in those places. Do no do your homework or work in your bed. Your bed is a place to relax in. When you get into your bed, your body needs to know that it is a place to relax in. If you do work in your bed, then your body will not associate your bed as easily with a place that is for resting. 

3) Sleep Schedule

You know how it’s best for babies to keep a sleep schedule? Well, it’s actually best for all humans to have a sleep schedule to function best. Even if you don’t feel tired yet, begin a nightly routine where you begin to get yourself to bed. This will get your inner-clock into a cycle that will help you go to sleep in the future. This might be hard in the beginning, but sticking to it will help you in the long-run with your sleep quality. 

4) Nightly Routine

Get yourself into a routine before you go to bed. This routine is a great way to let your body and brain know that you are ready to go to sleep and it will help you get to sleep quicker. This rotine can include washing your face, getting into pajamas, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, taking a night walk around the neighborhood, reading a book, or journaling. All of these actions to not require much thought and they also do not involves others or the screen. 

5) Cleanliness

 Keeping you resting space clean can totally improve your quality of sleep. Having your room clean and in order relives the unwritten chaos that can linger before you go to sleep. Make sure you are resting in a restful clean space. This also includes having a neat bed and clean sheets. You body can really tell if you are sleeping in a clean space. 

6) Pajamas

Wear pajamas! Even if you have been in sweatpants and a tee shirt all day, be sure to change into an outfit that you specifically intend only to sleep in. Changing your clothing right before you go to bed let’s your body know that it is prepared for sleeping.  

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7) Meditate

If you find that your mind is spinning a million miles per hour, do not turn on a screen. Instead, meditate and clear your mind. think of meditation as a way of actively ridding your mind of overanalyzing. There are resources that you can research BEFORE you plan on going to sleep that show you how to meditate before bedtime. The trick to sleeping is knowing how to turn off your brain to rest your brain. Think of sleep like a recharge of your brain for the next day’s activities. 

8) Hydrate

Hydration is always positive before you go to sleep. Drinking water gives your body the power it needs to repair itself and to function well. When it’s about an hour before bed, make sure that you hydrate. This way, you can go to the bathroom one last time before you go to bed during your nightly routine. The water in your body can then work it’s way in helping you rest and recharge your body. Going to bed dehydrated is never a good thing.  

9) Exercise Daily

Even if you are having a restful day, be sure to do some kind of active activity before you go to bed. Yoga in the house, going for walks, playing sports, and doing exercise classes are all ways that you can use your body. The less active that you are, the more that your body is thrown off of a schedule and it can be hard to have your body go to sleep because it will not feel ready or tired enough to go to sleep. 

10) Get Help

If you are constantly feeling anxious or you feel like your body is not able to go to sleep well, there are therapists and doctors that are extremely helpful. Sleep is so important for your body to be both mentally and physically healthy. Getting help is okay and will most likely be a game-changer in the end! There are constantly new studies coming out about the study and science of sleep. This is another great way to get the help you need to get quality sleep. 

Quality sleep is so important and there are so many different ways you can improve your sleep quality. What helps you get quality sleep? Let us know in the comments!

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