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10 Tips To Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner

10 Tips To Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner

The perfect winged eyeliner is something that many of us can only dream of…Having one eye done is one thing, but to match the other? Seemingly impossible. It can take a lot of trial and error to eye begin to rock a winged eyeliner look. However, if like me you’ve had enough of all the trial -and-erroring, this article is for you. Let it act as a beacon of light to guide your journey to achieving-eventually- the perfect winged liner. Yes it is possible.

1. Choosing the correct tools.

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When attempting a winged liner, it is essential that you choose the correct one for the look you want to achieve. For beginners, a pencil or pen eyeliner is the easiest to control. You apply it the same way as you would a regular felt-tip pen or regular pencil. These provide greater stability and control of the eyeliner. If however, you are a more advanced makeup user, that wants a sharper and thinner wing, a liquid liner would be great. Liquid liners are notorious for smudging and being almost impossible to do perfectly first time. However, if you think you have what it takes- go for it.


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2. Trace it till you make it.

If you do not feel like diving in at the deep end and drawing a winged liner right onto a blank eye lid then you do not have to. Instead you can trace the shape of the wing you desire with an eyeliner pencil and then go over it with the liquid liner. This enables you to have a basis on which you can create your masterpiece.

3. Join the dots.

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That Dot to Dot  game we all played as little kids will come in handy here. To help draw on the perfect winged liner you can place little dots along your eyelid where you want the liner to go, and simply join the dots together. Hey presto.

4. Stretch that face.

Simply place your index finger by the eye you are going to apply liner onto and gently stretch the skin by the eye. Having less loose skin by your eye will enable you to draw on a much straighter and smooth wing.

5. Sellotape is your friend.

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Do not despair if you do not have the steadiest of hands, with sellotape you can achieve a perfect wing regardless of how messily you apply your liner. Take a piece of regular sellotape and apply it to your hand. Doing so reduces the tackiness and makes it safer to place by your eye. Place the tape by your eye at the angle you want the wing to be, and then draw on your wing. Once peeled of, you will have the most perfect wing you have ever seen.

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6. Conceal it away.

If you have tried the sellotape method and failed- or if you were brave enough to go in freehand- you may have caused a little bit of a mess. This is where concealer comes in handy. The beauty of concealer is in the name- it conceals. If you end up looking somewhat like a distant relative of a panda you can conceal those black smudges with concealer, and no one has to know.


7. Use cotton buds.

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If you have only made a minor mistake with your eyeliner, one of the easiest ways to clean it away is with a cotton bud. Simply wet one and wipe away.


8. Give your eyes time to dry.

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There is nothing more annoying that having nailed the most perfect winged liner on both eyes, and then blinking and having eyeliner smear all the way up to your brows. To avoid this try your best to look down whilst your eyeliner is drying. And if you must blink, looking down will help prevent any major damage.

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9. Use Vaseline.

Rubbing away mistakes can potentially cause irritation to your eye area which is very sensitive. To avoid this, apply a small amount of Vaseline or cream to the eye before wiping anything away. It helps to lift makeup and moisture the skin at the same time.

10. Practice makes perfect.

gif dust it off and start againLastly, if you want a perfect winged liner, you need to work for it. Do not be discouraged if you fail once, twice or even twenty times. Perfect wings don’t come easy, but boy are they worth it.