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Tips To Find A Roommate At The University of Arizona

Tips To Find A Roommate At The University of Arizona

Finding a roommate is one of the most stressful parts of college. Follow these tips to find a roommate at University of Arizona that is your match!

A list of profile matches, intense social media stalking, asking all of the serious questions, and taking your relationship to the next level by sending the *official* request.  Did I just describe online dating? Because that’s definitely what finding a roommate feels like.   Endless searching and questioning, all hoping to find “the one” for you.  Before find your match, of course, there are a lot of bases that need to be covered. These are the best tips to find a roommate at the University of Arizona that you will click with!

1. Your list of matches

It might seem pretty short. Like the same 20 girls keep showing up on top, and they probably are.  In the U of A system there is no next page type function, meaning what you see is what you get.  You can’t control who shows up or doesn’t making you feel like you maybe aren’t seeing all of your options. Ya you’re being shown those with the highest percent matches, but I felt like I wanted more.

2. Remembering who’s who

Anonymity is great.  It keeps prejudgment minimal, which is good. But at the same time, when you’re trying to juggle multiple options at once it’s really hard to keep them straight.  Like was UA34589 the one with two pets or was it UA94837?  I’ve literally had to make a spreadsheet so I can remember what name is what number and what dorm they want.  It’s important to keep everything straight as you don’t want any awkward name slip ups mid text.


3. Commitment issues

When’s the right time to pop the question?  How do you know when you’ve found the perfect roommate?  This is a hard one because there’s a lot of doubt that goes along with this whole process. First there’s the question of ever finding someone.  Feeling judged on your profile and social media.  Then when you do find someone, you question your compatibility off screen, or wonder if there’s someone better that you haven’t met yet.  Honestly there might always be another person, but with finding a roommate it’s all about opportunity, and you’ll know when you meet someone you really click with.

4. That painfully long response time

The message system built within the U of A application is one of its biggest downfalls.  It is very difficult to access.  Yes you do receive an email when you have a new message, but then you have to log into the system, which can be a tree step process, just to read and respond to the message.  Then when you do get it, you have to remember which user you’re talking to and what you’ve already discussed, which means you have to exit messaging, look up the username and look back into their profile.  Honestly once you feel comfortable enough with them, like you’ve covered most of the basics, I would recommend communicating over social media direct message or texts.

5. Is their profile the truth?

Or are they just telling me what I want to hear?  It is hard to tell if their questionnaire is truly honest.  Speaking from experience, it is tempting to change answers to try and fit in once you’ve viewed others’ profiles.  But don’t.  this is about you and you need to have truthful responses, and hope that others do to.  Think of the questionnaire as a starting line, then use messaging to elaborate on what you agree and disagree with.


6. Where do you want to live?

This is one of the first and most important questions to ask.  If you don’t have the same halls in mind, then their probably not the one for you.

7. What’s your major?

A personal icebreaker question.  Gives you an idea about their interests as well as if you may be in some of the same courses.

8. Where are you from?

A chance to find a commonality, and discover more about them, and if you’ll ever be able to meet before school starts.


9. What kind of classes do you take in high school?

This gives you some insight into study habits and view on school.

10. How do you feel about partying?

I know, I know.  You don’t want to sound annoying or prude, but this question is a must.  Whether you care about there life outside of the dorm or not it’s important to know how they envision spending their free time.

11. How do you feel about *friends* in the room?

Another question that might not be so easy to ask.  You don’t want to sound judgmental, but don’t feel bad if there answer isn’t what you want to hear.


12. Do you have any specific health concerns?

Diet choices? Allergies? Pre-existing conditions? As roommates you will be responsible for each other’s health and well being.

13. What are your undergraduate goals?

This gives more insight into study habits and importance of schooling for a career.

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14. Don’t consider looks

I know it’s hard not to take someone’s *aesthetic* into account especially with the vast availability of social media today, but you are rooming with a person, not an Instagram photo.

15. Don’t consider popularity

Just because they went to that party or had that many likes doesn’t ensure anything about who they are.  Don’t get caught up in the draw of who looks cool on paper.

16. Don’t say yes to everyone

It’s just going to be harder to narrow down once you need to.  Take it slow enough so you can really gage where you stand with someone.


17. Don’t say no to anyone

At least not right away.  Respond nicely to all the people who message you.  As things develop you may not clique and that is perfectly okay too, but at least put some effort in because you never know who you’ll see on campus when school starts.

I know this has been a lot, but I have gone through all of these things during my process, and I found a fantastic roommate.  Most importantly, hang in there and trust yourself. Don’t rush it and don’t judge, and eventually you will find someone!

Did you try any of these tips to find a roommate at the University of Arizona!? Share in the comments below!

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