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Tips To Exercise While Skipping The Gym

Tips To Exercise While Skipping The Gym

Tips To Exercise While Skipping The Gym

It’s cold, it’s raining, and there’s no way you’re rolling out of bed to hit the gym. That’s fine! We’ve all been there, but this is the second time this week you’ve skipped leg day, so maybe it’s time for a simple solution. Here are some low-stress and high reward exercises for you to get started on while you watch your morning Netflix catch-up of choice.

1. Laying-down crunches

Lay down and put your legs together before hooking them over something. This can be a bar, a flat surface like your bed, or a chair. Put your hands behind your head and use your core to lift yourself up until you’re face-to-face with your knees and then back down again. Repeat. These will feel killer on your abs fairly quick so be sure to take a break and do other things in between your reps of crunches. If your floor is hard and begins to hurt your back, take a small or flat pillow and use it to cushion your lower back as you work out.

2. Jumping Jacks

Your gym teacher in the eighth grade was right, these really are great cardio. The fun part about jumping jacks is that they’re simple, you can pace them how you want, and it’s easy to do a bunch before you really feel worn out. Plug in some tunes and get in warm-up reps of using jumping jacks to stretch out your muscles. These are great before a long workout, or if you’re watching Pretty Little Liars and you have nothing else to do.

Tips To Exercise While Skipping The Gym

3. Squats

Yes, this classic move to give you watermelon-crushing thighs is ideal to do. Why? Because it’s so simple in a home setting. If you have weights then feel free to use those, but just doing squats alone should make you get some exercise and feel fairly productive.

4. Jump rope

This one might not be the best if the people living below you already have a grudge, but if you have thick ceilings, a patio, or roof access, then jumping rope might be perfect for you. It’s a great way to get in shape, hence why so many boxers use it to increase stamina and endurance. You might get tired quickly, but like all aspects of keeping fit, the more you do it the better you’ll be.

Tips To Exercise While Skipping The Gym

5. Running

I know I know I know, you hate running. Some of your friends are runners and it’s all they talk about but you just wish there was a solid rock wall in town, I get it. You know those marathons though, where you see that sixty year old woman running because she’s been doing it all these years and now that her heart is healthier than a horse she isn’t inclined to stop? That doesn’t have to be you some day, but running works out so many different types of muscles and provides enough endorphins that it’s hard not to feel productive when you’re running around the park or neighborhood. Just don’t chance it when it’s dark out, better to be safe than sorry, after all.

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Tips To Exercise While Skipping The Gym

6. Weight punches

If you do own weights, awesome, let’s get to work on that. Pick up a couple of ones you can hold for a while without getting too uncomfortable and punch in either direction. That’s it. A way to practice moving and holding heavy things in a way that’s designed to tone your arms. Hey, just because it’s a simple solution doesn’t mean it’s not a good one. A lot of working out and dieting is straight forwards, we’re so just inclined to find a solution out of it that we’d rather drink lemon juice every day than take better care of our bodies.

7. Leg raises

Lay down and raise your leg while keeping it straight up and down slowly. Repeat. Eventually, you can move to the other side. To be honest, these hurt. But they’re perfect for laying around the house or in bed while making your muscles still do things. Doing these every day will make you sore, but every once and a while should be no issue.

Do you do any of these at the gym, or all at home? Staying fit is a possibility whether or not you keep up that Planet Fitness membership, that’s for sure!
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