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Tips To Declutter Your Living Space

Tips To Declutter Your Living Space

These tips to declutter your apartment or home will totally help you in staying organized when things get messy! Here's all you need to know!

Whether you live in a large or compact space, sometimes things just seem to pile up. You want to keep everything but then slowly realize that you are limited in space because of all this stuff. Here are some tips to declutter your living space.

1. Be Selective

If you are like me, there have been many times where you set out to “clean house” and ended up putting everything back except in a different place. It may appear like things are tidier when in reality you just shifted materials and to make things worse, you aren’t going to be able to find anything now! When you set out to massively clean, it is important to be selective. Decide if those clothes are worth the closet space or if you really still need to hang on to that third-grade science project you got an A- on. I know that this is a lot easier said than done but even if you only throw away a small Ziploc bag worth, it will make all the difference on your next cleaning excursion. On your list of tips to declutter, remember to write only keep the important things.

2. Invest In Containers

This tip to declutter is often faced with some backlash because it because an act of packing. I disagree with this sentiment because storage containers allow you to keep what you want and actually see what’s in the container! Some of us have an attachment to possessions which is not something that should be completely shunned by other people. If you have toys from your childhood that you want to pass on to your family someday, a storage container is a great way to keep these things safe.


3. Storage Units

Sometimes you are forced to downsize for a variety of reasons. In the case that you are moving to a smaller living space, consider getting a storage unit. Depending on the size, it can be extremely affordable, and you will have your valuables in a separate secure location. Having a large amount of space is certainly a luxury we are not all afforded so a storage unit may be your best option. It is also a tip to declutter that will come in handy when you decide to move again!

4. Go Paperless

As a college student, it usually isn’t until after you graduate that you realize how much space paper occupies. From study guides to prized essays in your collection, it adds up in your living space! You wind up with binders or backpacks full of papers that you can’t seem to live without. A solution to this dilemma is to consider going paperless. By scanning your documents, you are still able to keep them, but they will no longer take up any physical space! In an age where things are stored online or in a cloud somewhere, this seems like a logical tip for declutter.

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Minimalism is simply having less possessions. It could be difficult because people tend to buy things, but it could really be a useful tactic.


5. Utilize Wall Space

When it seems like you have too many things piling underneath your bed or around your dressers, consider looking up! Maximizing your wall space and utilizing hook mechanisms is a great tip for declutter. It gives you a chance to showcase things you are passionate about and keeps the floor clean!

6. Keep Up With Trash Schedule

There are times when neighborhoods or communities have huge trash days. Unlike your typical garbage being picked up every week, these special days are designed to get rid of clutter in your house. From furniture to electronics, be on the lookout for these pick-up days. This simple tip to declutter will allow you to maximize your cleaning time. It will save you time from making a trip to the dump on your own and will be eco-friendlier!

Getting rid of clutter can be difficult but you can do it! How do you declutter? Tell us in the comments!
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