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10 Tips To Avoid The Stress Of Move In Day

10 Tips To Avoid The Stress Of Move In Day

move in day, 10 Tips To Avoid The Stress Of Move In Day

Move in day is one of the most stressful things to happen to us.

You’re not in your parents’ house anymore. You’re now an adult and have to make sure you have all your stuff packed and ready to be brought to your new college life. If that isn’t stressful than I don’t know what is!

Feeling overwhelmed is unavoidable, but there are ways to make the day of move in day less stressful than it already is.

1. Have Boxes Ready

If there is one thing I have learned from my move in days, it’s that you need to have plenty of boxes ready at you disposal, in case you decide you want to pack any extra things. The only times I used boxes was when I moved from Student Accommodation to an actual Flat. I used my luggage to pack all my stuff and move from Rome, Italy to Glasgow, Scotland.

So, if you are moving country get your bags ready. Otherwise, boxes are a great way to pack, unpack and repack. You don’t have to throw them away if they are well kept and you can hide them under the bed for next time you are moving out.

My tip is to get your stuff packed in advance! You don’t want to be thinking last moment about things you still need to bring or want to pack. Get a head start and you’ll find move in day to be less stressful than it actually is.

10 Tips To Avoid The Stress Of Move In Day

2. Don’t leave things to the last moment

In life, this is my general motto. Leaving things the last moment is the most stressful thing to do, because it means you’ll have to speed up and try to get everything done to compensate. Send in all your information, files, documents, signature and whatever else the accommodation needs immediately!

You don’t want to get there and not have a room because you didn’t fill in a file in time. Or get a carp room because you never sent in the documents of having been accepted. So plan ahead, sit down and do all the things you need to do calmly now rather than stressing later. Keep everything written in a journal.

10 Tips To Avoid The Stress Of Move In Day

3. Pack Your Clothes Smart

Right, this is a super useful one! You don’t need to pack your clothes all folded and neatly stored away! Get your rack of hangers with the clothes on and wrap them with a bin bag. Use a big clear or white bin bag, that you can tie at the top and then untie once you put the hangers up. Then unwrap the clothes, and voila’. There you have it, easy and comfortable way to bring all your clothes without the extra packaging.

This is super useful not only for move in day but for any sort of moving out into a new flat. It makes it so much easier and faster to unpack as well.

10 Tips To Avoid The Stress Of Move In Day

4. Get Ready to maybe not have a bed yet

Sometimes during move in day, there are miscalculation or the place isn’t fully set up right. You may find yourself having to sleep not on a bed for a few days due to how many new students come during move in day. But no worries, it’ll never be too long of a process as well as bean bags make a great impromptu bed, and you’ll bond with new people over the lack of a bed!

10 Tips To Avoid The Stress Of Move In Day

5. It’ll be your home for a year

The place will be yours for a year, so make it feel like it’s your place and you are home. It will take a while for the room to adapt to your style and preference but it’ll come together. Once it does, it’s the place where you will make the most memories and will forever hold the first move in day in your heart and mind. Trust me, you will be sad to leave at the end of it. Even through all the stress.

So bring all the things necessary to make this place your home.

10 Tips To Avoid The Stress Of Move In Day

6. Get Your Friends Involved

Move in day is stressful as it is, but having someone there at your side through it all is absolutely amazing! Yes, there is family to help. But having a friend come along, help you decorate, pack and just make memories out of it is another thing. Use leverage to convince them. Buy them an ice-cream or pizza as a “thank you for the help” kind of gesture, as well who doesn’t love pizza?

Take pictures of it and just enjoy the stress but also the fun of move in day!

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10 Tips To Avoid The Stress Of Move In Day

7. Get The Parents Involved

Family loves to feel needed and part of your life journey, so make them feel involved. Don’t be afraid to ask them to come help you move in and also pack and unpack. Remember they have been through it as well and surely will have some tips and tricks up their sleeves. As well as, it’s a great bonding element and will make you leaving feel a little less rough on them, because they know they were there for you through it all.

Plus it’s an amazing moment of growth for all of you!

10 Tips To Avoid The Stress Of Move In Day

8. Car is the easy way

Trust me when I say, moving in and out when having a car makes the whole process so much easier. You can pack everything all in one and just go back to get more if needed. It’s less work and less sweaty, so if you don’t have a car ask someone with a car for help. Remember it’s a way to make move in day less stressful, so if you have someone who is close to you with a car there is no wrong in asking. Just compensate, maybe pay for the gas or invite them to dinner or buy them a few drinks to thank them!

10 Tips To Avoid The Stress Of Move In Day

9. It’s all about being smart not fast

 Now packing is all about being smart and nifty, do not try to beat the system or it will beat you (lol). Pack things in a way you will remember where things are and not lose stuff. It’s great to either have a list, write on the boxes or be creative about how to pack. Make designated areas for cables, computers, electronics or even makeup and jewelry. It helps when unpacking and ensures you have everything as well.

10 Tips To Avoid The Stress Of Move In Day

10. Get In The Spirit

You’re in freaking University or College! You made it, you made move in day and it’s time to get into the spirits! Buy emblems or uni gear to feel more the part and feel like this is your university for the next few years. Join societies and make amazing friends. It’s your time to shine. Move in day was stressful but the stress was worth it, you’ll have a blast and forever remember your first time moving out of home and into a new environment!

10 Tips To Avoid The Stress Of Move In Day

Moving in during move in day is never easy and is always quite the stress. But I came up with a way to cope with the stresses of move in day and have a blast whilst moving! What do you think? Comment Below!

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