50 Life Saving Tips For Temple University Freshmen

Freshman year is such an exciting time, especially going to school at Temple. There is so much to see and do at the university, but also in Philadelphia! You have tons of food places to try, places to see, activities to do, and, I hate to break it to you, tons of studying to do. To make sure you can balance your studying and social life, we have complied a list that everyone should know before starting at this university because college is not easy, despite all the fun you’re having, there are times when it becomes too stressful. Check out these 50 tips for Temple University Freshmen!

1. Befriend the food trucks.

I promise you, they are not as scary as you think. In fact, the food at most of them is really delicious, and typically, not that expensive. Do not spend all of your money on food trucks, but definitely take advantage and try one.

2. You do not really need the Septa pass.

Unless you actually plan on being in the city all the time, or you have a job or an internship in the city, you probably will not go as often as you think. If you are taking courses or working in Center City, then I would probably recommend it.

3. You do need a planner book.

A lot goes on between your social life, classes, jobs, internships, clubs, meetings and different opportunities, it is not always easy to keep track of. Get a planner book, use it all the time, and never let it leave your side.

4. The bookstore matches any textbook price that you find online.

You may not always need a textbook, but for that professor that swears that there will be questions on the exam that were covered in the book, and not in class, (yes, they really do that) this will come in handy. Textbooks are expensive. Rent when you can, sell when you can, and even ask if the Temple bookstore will buy them back later.

5. Tuttleman library probably has your Mosaics books on reserve.

Gilgamesh, The Communist Manifesto, The Bible are all in Tuttleman. Go into the Tuttleman library, ask if they have them, and the book is yours for two hours. You can’t leave the library with it, but that’s not always a bad thing- it will motivate you to get your work done so you don’t have to go back later.

6. Take Mosaics online.

If the opportunity presents itself, take Mosaics online. It is an easy course that, through all of your major coursework you may not want to dedicated three class periods a week to. You just have to remember that you do have responsibilities for online classes, though.

7. In fact, take your gen-ed classes online too.

Gen-ed classes are basically the same way. With all your major course work, it is not always ideal to dedicate three hours a week to being in class for something not related to what you’re studying.

8. AND take gen-ed classes that are at least somewhat interesting to you.

Whether you like it or not, you will have to take gen-ed classes. Even if you are taking them online, make sure it is something that you think is even a little bit interesting. They offer a huge opportunity to expand your field of study and break up all your major courses as well.

9. Join clubs.

I know  your tour guides have said it one hundred times, and you will probably hear it one hundred more, but Temple offers a ton of different clubs for just about everything. Find something that you like to meet people, break up course work, and to keep up with your hobbies.

10. Check out professional organizations that relate to your major.

This is definitely a plus. With different clubs, Temple also has branches of professional organizations from around the country. It allows you to connect with other students in your major, as well as professionals in the career.

11. Take leadership opportunities.

Employers definitely love to see different leadership opportunities in the clubs and organizations you are involved. Make sure it is something that you are really committed to and something that you are willing to dedicate your time to.

12. Do not try to do everything all at once.

Yes, it is important to be involved in clubs and organizations; it is great to get jobs and internships, but don’t push yourself. Make sure that you can handle all the activities that you take on, as well as studying and keeping up with classes.

13. Figure out the class format that you like.

Whether it be fifty minute classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, or classes that are an hour and twenty minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, figure out which one you like better to maximize the amount of work you’re able to get done, and the amount of free time you have.

14. Try morning and night classes.

I’m not suggesting you try an 8 a.m. if you know you’re not a morning person, but a 9 a.m., or 10 a.m. might be good for you in getting in all the classes you need and being able to manage classes and activities. You may find that one night class once a week is not actually the worst thing for you.

15. Block your scheduling.

If all of your classes are back to back on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or Tuesday and Thursday, it is much easier to maximize your time, and to motivate yourself to go to class.

16. But don’t take a nap in between your two 50 minute classes.

That totally decreases your motivation to go to your classes. This is where the blocked scheduling comes in handy! If you’re already out, you will not have time to go home and sleep.

17. Anderson and Ritter Halls are further away from each other than you think.

Especially if you are coming from the eighth floor of Anderson. Everyone is rushing in that ten minutes between classes, and there will be a lot more people than you think. Make sure you plan your classes that are ten minutes apart in buildings that are close to each other, and that you will have enough time to get there.

18. And Anderson is always hot.

No matter what season it is, Anderson is always 100 degrees. If you have classes in Anderson in the middle of winter, wear a jacket with something under it so you can take it off and not sweat to death in class.

19. Make sure the classes you sign up for are at your campus.

Sure, you have to make sure you have enough time to get to your classes, but if you are at main campus, make sure you don’t sign up for a class that is in Center City, or Ambler.

20. If you are looking for a breakout room at the Tech, make sure you have at least three people.

This is one of the most annoying rules at Temple that everyone almost always forgets. Tech rooms are great: there is a computer, outlets, a whiteboard and even nice speakers. If you do not have three people to get into the room, you will lose your reservation.

21. Get your library rooms early.

You do not need three people for a library room, but you do need to make sure you are not the last one that wants a library room. They fill up quickly, especially around finals and midterms.

22. Go to Free Food Fun Fridays.

It is not lame, and it does not make you uncool, but the exact opposite. You will quickly learn that there is nothing better than when someone offers you free food when you are a broke college student. Go with friends, hangout, eat some free food, and play some games. It will be a nice break from weekends of partying.

23. Take flyers from people handing them out.

Sometimes they will be offering free food or discounts. Again, nothing better than discounts or free food.

24. Create a system to make sure you don’t forget your keys.

Lock-outs are expensive. Definitely not something that you want to have to spend money on. Hang them by your door, stick them in your wallet and always keep your wallet in your backpack, whatever it takes to help you remember your keys.

Image result for keys wallet phone doormat

25. Create one to remember your ID, too.

You will not get into Temple buildings without your ID, and they are also pretty expensive to replace. Totally not something you want to have to spend your extra cash on.

26. Get a reusable water bottle!

First of all, it is really good for the environment! Second of all, Temple has the automatic water bottle fillers that give you cold, filtered water. You will never have to pay for water again.

27. Save all of your coins.

This comes in handy for two reasons. One: if you are not buying the subway pass, all those coins can get you around on the subway. Two: laundry. You will run out of Diamond Dollars at some point, and rather than taking more money out of your debit card account, use all the extra quarters you have.

28. Bring enough clothes so that you do not have to do your laundry every week.

It is almost inevitable that you will over-pack for school. If you are a chronic over-packer, you might as well bring enough clothes to limit the amount of times you have to do your laundry every month.

29. You can also re-wear your clothes.

It is also inevitable that you will have “the chair.” You know, the chair of clothes that are not too dirty, but not exactly clean. You can wear them again, and no one will really care, nor will they notice. It can also help limit your laundry excursions.

30. Make sure you bring rain and snow gear.

It will rain, and it will snow while you are at Temple. Be prepared. There is nothing worse than walking to class in the pouring rain and having to sit through that class soaking wet. Bring an umbrella, bring your high school rain jacket, bring rain boots  or snow boots. I promise, you will be grateful you did.

31. Take the shuttle busses to games.

It is cheaper than getting an Uber, it is cheaper than taking the subway, and it is cheaper than parking. Plus, you will be on a bus ride filled with your fellow classmates who are just as excited as you are.

32. The Wild Cherry Pass is not really worth it.

This may be biased because I did not purchase the pass, but from my observations, it is not totally worth it. You will still get seats as basketball and football games, and you will still have a good time.

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33. Learn, and sing, the Temple Fight Song.

It is fun to sing and cheer when we score a touchdown. No one will think you are lame, and no one cares about your lack of singing abilities. You have to sing the song. Plus, it is fun to bother all your friends and family members who do not go to Temple with the song.

34. The gym, and workout classes open up after the first few weeks of every semester.

I know, this really is the year you will stick to your New Years resolutions and stay in shape. Before you know it, classes pile up again and you do not have as much time to go to the gym as you thought. A ton of Temple students have this mentality, myself included. So do not worry about not getting a treadmill, or a spot in the Zumba class the first week back, you will soon enough. Stay motivated, though. Good for you.

35. But, for the first few weeks, get to workout classes early.

These are really fun and cool to participate in. If you are looking to try it out and start a habit, you definitely have to get there early because they do fill up.

36. Go to the gym, and go to workout classes.

All the gyms and all the classes are free, you have to take advantage. Working out is a great stress reliever, a good way to counter all the food you will be eating from the food trucks.

37. If you have free electives, look into the kinesiology workout classes.

Personally, it is worse missing class than missing a workout. If you agree, you should look into the different kinesiology workout courses. There are different sports, swimming and running classes that you could take to get credit, and a workout! Now, if you are not a kinesiology major, there is no guarantee that you will be able to be in the class because they are reserved for those students, but you can always wait-list, or even reach out to professors to see if they will allow one more student in the course.

38. Uber’s will take you to and from parties.

It is so much better than walking home at night, and it is so much better than walking home in the cold at night. It is a safe, cheap and easy option for anyone looking to go to, or come home from a party.

39. Find your favorite place to study.

Whether it be one of the three floors at the library, one of the four at Tuttleman, the Tech, the roof of Anderson, your bed, etc., find it, and find it soon. Find your best study habits as soon as possible to be able to get all your work done efficiently and accurately.

40. Bring at least one professional outfit.

Your constant applying to jobs and interviews will pay off at some point. Make sure you are prepared to dress for those interviews. Also, make sure you print your resume.

41. Have the Career Center look at your resume.

It’s always great to have an outside opinion to your resume, because, lets be honest, your mom will always tell you it looks great. You will definitely learn, more than once, the importance of having a good resume. The Career Center is the perfect way to get a head start on this.

42. Take advantage of job fairs.

Almost every school or college offers some kind of a job fair. This is another opportunity where your professional outfit will come in handy. Tons of employers who are looking to give you jobs, internships and experiences will be present. Be super prepared.

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43. Ask your advisors a ton of questions.

Ask about your major, ask about your classes, ask about careers, ask about college life, ask anything you are unsure about. They are there to help you and will answer any questions you have.

44. Don’t worry about wanting to change your major.

If you get through your first semester, or even your first year and realize you are not too fond of your major, do not be afraid to switch it! Talk to your advisor, find something that you really are passionate about. Make sure you are taking all of the time that you are to study something you really are passionate about.

45. Go to office hours!

It is beyond important to make connections with your professors. Ask them for help, ask them about their college experience, or what they do outside of Temple. They will recognize you, and maybe even write you a recommendation letter in the future. They are also there to help you and they want to help you succeed and understand their material.

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46. Eagles win, you win Monday’s at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Whenever the Eagles win a game, you get a free coffee at Dunkin’. Yes, this is a thing, and it really is great. Just make sure you have the Dunkin’ Donuts app, and plenty of time to get to where you need to go. Everyone stops by Dunkin’ after the Eagles win, and the line gets long. You do not want to be waiting in line when you should be in class.

47. The Starbucks line is always eternal.

If you are going to Starbucks, also make sure you have plenty of time. The line is always long, and if you do not allow yourself enough time to make it to your meeting with your coffee, you will probably be late.

48. The line at Richie’s is also always eternal.

Everyone always wants to wait for the famous mozzarella grilled cheese sandwiches. Give yourself enough time to grab one on your way to class, on your way to work, and you will be fine.

49. The Student Center offers discounted, and sometimes free Flyers and Phillies tickets.

Keep your eyes open for these offers! It is always nice to get discounted, or even free tickets to go to a game with your friends! These are also great offers when you are looking for something to do, but you are broke.

MLB game celebration phillies philadelphia phillies GIF

50. Enjoy it.

Your freshman year will fly, and before you know it, you will be packing up to go home. Make sure you enjoy your first year at Temple. Eat what you want to eat, study the subject you want to study and explore the different areas you would like to see. Make friends, join clubs, try new things, just make it memorable.

Do you have any more tips for Temple University freshmen? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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