7 Tips To Survive Your First Cold Winter In College

If you go to school in a state that experience harsh cold winters, you will soon realize that dorm life in the Winter is very different from the comfort of home! Walking back from class in the freezing cold and making ramen noodles in your dorm, all while trying to avoid catching the flu can be a challenge!  Check out those 7 tips to survive your first cold winter in college!

1. Thermal blanket

There will be times in College, whether it is your freshman year in a door or finally your own apartment, that you will realize that a fluffy comforter will NOT be enough! Wearing a few layers and maybe even throwing on some leg warmers can help, but nothing beats the warmth of the thermal blanket. It is the blanket that brings all the warmth in and will add an extra form of fuzzy comfort as well. As an added bonus they are also inexpensive and something you can use wayyyyy after your college year’s end!

2. Winter Coat


The best and most reliable jacket you will ever need.  Whether you invest in a Northface or Patagonia jacket, you will not regret your purchase. Having a nice pea coat can also be useful in the Winter. It is trendy and with your thinner layers under will keep you nice and toasty for those cold, windy days. P.S. they never really go out of style.

3. Moisturize

We totally get that after hopping out of a warm shower into a cold room, you might want to skip moisturizing. However, it is the key to keeping your skin looking fresh and glowing in the winter months and it is not just a rule for girls to follow. Switching around your moisturizer to an Oil- based moisturizer during this time is better than water based moisturizer because it keeps a protective layer on your skin that retains more moisture than lotions or creams. If you are a bit lazy, check out the spray moisturizers that dry instantly!.

4. Space heater and humidifier- perfect for dorms!

These will keep your skin from drying out by getting more moisture in the air. They blast hot air throughout your room to keep your skin on point and also providing extra warmth.

5. Warm headband or beanie to cover those ears


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Yes, the headband might be more for the girls, but the wonderful thing about beanies is they are unisex! These chic headpieces will add some flare to your outfit and also keep your forehead and ears warm. Also, Colleges make these trendy accessories with their logos so you can keep toasty while repping your school.

6. Thermal undergarments

This will save your skin from feeling like theirs icicles on them while walking to class. They are specially designed to prevent heat loss and automatically add two layers of clothing and keep sweat away from the skin.

7. Snow boots


Snow boots are a must if you live on a snowy campus. A pair of waterproof snow boots for the outdoors, and a pair of warm UGGs is the ideal combination, so you don’t have to wear your snowy boots when it’s sunny outside.


Natalia Gonzalez

I am a junior at the Florida State University currently studying Psychology with a biology minor and in the process of picking up a communications minor as well. I am in a sorority called Sigma Delta Tau and I was blessed with a twin sister who also goes to FSU. Surprisingly, we are sorority neighbors as well! I love being involved and can’t wait to be active in my clubs again this coming semester and see what new adventures I will have the pleasure of experiencing.

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