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15 Tips to Be Successful in College

15 Tips to Be Successful in College

Life for a college student can be hectic.  Between making it to class, running to work, and jumping at every resume building exercise one can squeeze in, finding time to think, let alone breath, can cause major scheduling conflicts.  But for every ambitious young professional, this conflict becomes a challenge that requires tackling.  For all those waiting for the next challenge to tackle, here are the 15 things you need to do to be successful.

  1. Make a LinkedIn Account.

If you have not done this yet, it is a simple and easy step to take in broadening your professional life.  Use it to contact possible employers, previous employers who could be used as references, and friends who could become business partners.  This is the social media network that every college student needs to utilize!

  1. Become an Ambassador or Representative

Going into marketing, business, communications, or advertising? Ask your favorite company or organization if they have campus ambassador or representative programs.  Use the opportunity to build your communication skills while building a brand on campus.  This kind of opportunity is what you make of it, so work it! Check out this opportunity to become a Studentrate Campus Coordinator!

  1. Get a Job

Sounds simple enough right? But between classes, clubs, and different commitments, finding time to work can add stress to your life.  But it can also help you develop time management skills, work ethic, and stress management skills.  Not to mention an expanding bank account.

  1. There’s an App for That!

Take advantage of apps, like GoCommado, that connect students with businesses for on campus marketing.  Take jobs when you want, decline them when you don’t have the time, and get paid for the successful jobs you take!

  1. Get an Apartment

It is very smart to live at home while in college.  You save money and can focus on studying while your wonderful mother keeps that fridge stocked.  But by the time you are a junior or a senior, at the latest, it is definitely time to get an apartment.  Learning to live on your own, take care of a home, and pay your bills on time, helps build credit, responsibility, and a sense of independence.  Go for it!

  1. Find a Hobby

When most ambitious and determined college students are told to get a hobby, there are a few things that immediately run through their heads; no way do I have time for a hobby and no way do I need a stupid hobby.  Hobbies can be great tools for stress management.  Reading, running, crafting, get at it! Pinterest is your new best friend.


  1. Make a Resume Portfolio.

Save every scholarship essay, make lists of all clubs, leadership positions, awards and scholarships won and the amount you received, and copies of all letters of recommendation written for you, with permission from the writer of course.  Use these in case you come across a scholarship with a tight deadline.  Don’t let time stop you from applying, get organized!

  1. Keep a Planner

This may seem childish, and yes, I’m sure your mother told you to do this at some point in your life.  And, brace yourself because I’m about to admit something no one ever wants to admit; your mother was right.  You are much more likely to remember something and get it done if it is written down.  Go get a planner, while your blood is pumping with that ambition!


  1. Make a Yearly Checklist

With the New Year coming up, this is an especially useful tip. Instead of having a list of resolutions, make a list of goals in the form of a checklist.  Things like, read every book on my bookshelf and start a blog, goals that can be rewarding in ways that “lose weight” cannot.  Writing down a goal makes it real. Now type up and print out your list, put it in a clear picture frame and buy some dry erase markers, crossing off your goals as you achieve them.  Seeing your success will keep you motivated.

10. Make an Inspiration Playlist


We all have those songs that inspire us, keep us going, and get us moving.  Put them all together into a playlist that you can pop in any time you feel that determination or ambition lacking.  We all need a good reminder every now and again.

11. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone


New experiences, while resume building, are also some of the best things we can do for ourselves. We discover more about who we are, what we like, and what we never want to do again.  Add one of these experiences to your yearly checklist!

12. Make a budget


As a college student, saving money is tough but a very necessary evil.  Make a budget and stick to it. if you are going to spend money, make sure to use and take advantage of all the student discounts they offer. Always better to save a couple bucks.

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13. Have a routine


While spontaneity is always fun, have a morning and/or a weekend routine to keep you moving.  Planning your day and having the discipline to stick with the plan is a very promising skill to hold on to.

14. Travel!


This can be your new hobby! Make a list of good weekend travel ideas or good winter or summer break places! Traveling is not just absolutely great fun, it is a great conversation starter.

15. Keep a Steady Supply of Mints on Hand.

You never know when you’re going to run into somebody who could be a big influence in your life and career.  Keep the mints close, just in case!


Time to make something out of yourself fellow college students!


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