10 Tips for Sorority Rush and Recruitment at UMD

Recruitment can be one of the most intimidating yet exciting times in college. Here are tips for girls who want to go through sorority recruitment at UMD!

Recruitment can be one of the most intimidating yet exciting times throughout college because it marks the beginning of a new chapter that will change not only your college experience, but the rest of your life. Here are some tips to girls who want to go through sorority recruitment at UMD!

1. Go with an open mind.

Try not to go into rush aiming for one sorority because you may end up realizing you’re meant to be in another.

2. Know that you’re not alone.

On the first day of rush you will all meet in Ritchie and sit there awkward, terrified, shaking, yet still so excited for what is to come. Look around at the other 900 girls surrounding you and know you’re not alone and somewhere in that room are your future best friends, roommates, and maybe even potential bridesmaids.

3. Bring a pair of flats just in case.

You’re going to end up sprinting from house to house during rounds so do yourself a favor and bring flats!

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4. Don’t listen to the rumors.

You will to hear horror stories of all the reputations of each sorority, but take them with a grain of salt because there is a 99% chance that they are false.

5. Make decisions for yourself.

Base your decisions on what YOU want, confide in your friends but don’t base you choices on what they do.

6. Don’t listen to what the boys say.

Do not ask a boy for their opinion on what house you should choose. Just because they say it’s their top house does not mean its right for you.

7. You can be friends with girls from different sororities!

Even if you and your best friends end up in different sororities this doesn’t meant you have to stop being friends. You won’t be banned from their house just because you’re in a different sorority.

8. If you feel torn in making your decision…

If you’re sitting in Stamp after pref round still conflicted on what house to write down, ask yourself: “where would I feel most comfortable hanging out looking like a hot mess and just doing nothing with my friends?”

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9. Be kind to everyone.

Be genuine and nice to everyone you talk to during the rounds even if you know you’re not going back to that house. Just use your head.


As cliché as it sounds, you’re going to end up where you are supposed to be. Rush is not always easy, it’s exhausting both mentally and physically. But every smile, tear, and awkward conversation you have throughout recruitment will all be worth it on bid day when you are running down College Ave with 40 other strangers who will soon change your life forever.

What other tips do you have for sorority recruitment at UMD? Comment below and share this article with a friend!
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