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10 Tips for the Perfect Tailgate at KSU

10 Tips for the Perfect Tailgate at KSU


Tailgating is a favorite of many KSU students and the football season has finally started! Even if you’re not the biggest football fan, you should definitely go to a tailgate to meet new people and party. Keep reading for 10 tips for the perfect tailgate at KSU!

1. Bring great food for everyone.

Parties are always better with food and tailgates are no exception. People are more likely to come to your tailgate if you have burgers and other easy to make food. People enjoy getting together around a grill and having a good time so make sure you have a wide variety of food!

This is me at every tailgate at KSU.


2. But don’t go overboard, keep it simple.

Tailgating is not the time to try the fancy recipes you saw on Food Network. Keep things simple. Make finger foods or something that does not require a lot of prep. You do not want to spend the whole time worrying about making something extravagant. Your guests will enjoy simplicity and you can save the fancy recipes for a dinner party or the holidays.



3. Have cold drinks ready.

Just like food, drinks make a party and they make a tailgate. You can offer your own selections as well or make it a bring your own type of tailgate. Food and drink are the ultimate accessories to an amazing tailgate.

4. Have music to get you pumped up.

Music gets you and your guests pumped for the big game! Create some playlists beforehand or check some out on Spotify. Country and rock music make great music for tailgate playlists, but play what you enjoy. You can also have your guests bring their own playlists.


5. Invite positive people.

Tailgates are supposed to be fun and a time to hang out and surround yourself with positive people. There is no time for negativity. It is proven that a negative attitude is contagious so keep the vibes happy and everyone will have a good time.


6. Plan accordingly!

With all the above tips in mind, make sure you plan accordingly for the amount of food and drink you will need for the number of guests you have. If people are bringing a dish or drinks, factor that into your plans as well. Make sure you have all the supplies needed for your tailgate. It helps to make a checklist. You can find one online on Pinterest or just make your own.

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7. Stay hydrated!

Drinking a lot of alcohol or carbonated drinks can make you extra dehydrated. Especially on a hot day before it gets cooler in the season. Make sure you have a cold bottled water on hand so you and your guests can stay hydrated. Its not fun to have someone passed out from dehydration at your tailgate.


8. Purple pride!

No tailgate is complete at KSU without the sea of purple. Wear your team colors with pride while you celebrate. Everything is better with KSU purple!

9. Post-tailgate clean-up…

Make sure you allot plenty of time for clean-up before the game starts. No one wants to be behind hearing the game going on, while still cleaning up. If you clean-up a little at a time during the tailgate, you will have less to do at the end. Have a helper if you have a large tailgate.

10. Have fun!

The best tip I can give you is to have fun and really enjoy the moment. All your hard work will pay off when you and your guests are having the best tailgate at KSU ever!!


What would you add for the perfect tailgate at KSU? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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