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5 Tips On Keeping Warm In The Fall

5 Tips On Keeping Warm In The Fall

When the hot summer days wind down, you think of ways to keep warm. One way is to pull out the throw blankets from the storage. Did you know there are a million other ways to keep yourself warm? Changing your wardrobe is also a no-brainer. Other than using a heater, what else is there to do? While you are at home thinking about warming up your fingers, there are other things you could try to help settle the warmth inside the house. Here are 5 easy tips on keeping warm in the fall.

1. Drink Hot Tea

As opposed to reaching for that hot coffee in the morning, most tea drinks have health benefits that will soothe and relax you for the day. Select the type of tea you love and set it in a cup of hot water. Tea is beneficial over coffee as it has little to no caffeine. You would want to keep warm and calm. One cup of chamomile for example, can bring your muscles to a relaxing state. It is wise to drink it before heading out as it can cause slight drowsiness. All kinds of tea can help warm you internally, helping you forget about the cold air surrounding the room.


2. Keep Windows Closed

Keeping the windows in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. is a good idea if you no longer need fresh air to come in. Cover the bottom of the doors to block the air from pushing through. For colder weather, use thermal curtains that are perfectly measured for your windows. Not only will thermal curtains defend against wind seeping through the window cracks but they help protect against the sun’s unbearable heat as well. Keeping windows closed will reserve your room’s temperature, but doing so will ensure the warm temperatures stay within the house.

3. Homemade Spa

If your feet are freezing and you have worn out of wool socks, fill a bucket with warm water. Using this at-home spa method will ease your worries and save a couple bucks. When you have dipped your feet, the water will do its magic and help regulate body temperature. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to eliminate soreness or lavender oil for added comfort. If you are feeling the boost, you can dip your hands in warm water as well. Using hot water may be great too. The hot water will boil the oils giving the boost you need. Just measure the water’s temperature to avoid rashes and burns!


4. Use Blankets

If you want to skip all the energy-using methods and curl up on the couch or bed, you should be using the correct blankets to warm up. When using a comforter, you can add a thin throw blanket on top to spread the heat throughout. Keeping a duvet under the throw blanket will ingeniously layer the heat constantly. Don’t have a duvet? Wearing a plush robe could help save you too. Satin bed sheets and comforters on the other hand, will do no good in cold weather. Save that for the warmer, sunny days.

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5. Wear a Beanie

A beanie is a garment that has saved lives. When walking the streets, you may find that people around you are wearing the cotton hat that is a beanie. Whether you are outside or indoors, a beanie would be a warm and trendy item to wear. Some beanies can be super thin or thick, depending on material. Even when you are lounging on the couch and watching Netflix shows, you feel a breeze touching your ears. Pull your hair to cover the lobes does literally nothing. To maximize warmth around your head and hair, wearing the beanie would be ideal. A beanie will be fun and snug to wear. 


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